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Psicologia dietro il Triangolo delle Bermude: ex 1° post introddutivo. Psychological identity: the Bermuda Triangle.

Psychology behind the Bermuda Triangle: former 1st post introddutivo. Psychological identity behind the scenes: the Bermuda Triangle.
Gelletti Aldo di Trieste, Italia. 

-Identikit psicologico dietro le quinte: il Triangolo delle Bermude. (File da 98 pagine a carattere 12: “Times New Roman”) 
-Psychological identity behind the scenes: the Bermuda Triangle. (Only in italian)

-Psicoanalisi spirituale, parte 2, in aggiunta e completamento a quella di Freud, diversi intendimenti al riguardo e le basi fondamentali di prova a sostengo di questa indagine! (File da 172 pagine a carattere 12: “Times New Roman”)

-Spiritual psychoanalysis, part 2, and in addition to the completion of Freud, and different understandings about the fundamental basis of evidence in support of this survey! (1) end (2) (Only in Italian)
Elenco degli argomenti da scorrere: 
LE VOCI reali o allucinazioni? 
LE VOCI non esistono? 
LE VOCI: argomento con riferimenti scritturali! 
Sensitivi, serial Killers ed assassini. Arresto cardiaco – morte apparente - tunnel – forte luce! 
Esiste Satana? Prove ed indizi! (Le basi fondamentali di prova.) 


-Pace e sicurezza!/? Profezia politica. (File da 143 pagine)
-Peace and security!/? Policy prophecy. (Only in Italian)

-Esiste Satana? Prove ed indizi! Base di prova per altri argomenti. (File da 42 pagine) 
-There is Satan? Evidence and clues! Evidence base for other topics. (Only in Italian)

E, che dire in merito alle profezie di Nostradamus ed altre, post bibliche? E, chi ha ragione, gli scettici o chi ci crede? 


-Dieta e metabolismo. (File da 35 pagine) 
-Diet and metabolism. (Only in Italian)

Diete salutari e salvaguardia del metabolismo basale. 

Dieta è un termine generale per indicare un qualsiasi tipo di regime alimentare, anche, quello per dimagrire. Il metabolismo basale è, ciò che consuma una persona: in stato di quiete, a digiuno e senza che l'organismo debba consumare di più per riscaldarsi o raffreddarsi! 


Se delle parti od interi argomenti venissero letti, e dopo, pure vi avessero interessato, in parte o del tutto, fate pure, passa parola! Dal blog: eventualmente, in seguito o da subito, le parti tolte, "-" e "...", più superflue e/o meno convenevoli: solo per e-mail. Se ci sarà un valido motivo od interesse per farlo, io sintetizzerò tutti gli argomenti di questi due blog principali, oppure, è più facile che ne faccio un altro in versione ridotta, tuttavia, per ora io lascio perdere, in quanto, mi ci vuole del tempo, e forse, per ora, il gioco non ne vale la candela. Piuttosto, mando tanti brevi messaggi su Facebook ed altri social Network, a più “amici” possibile. Io posso dare anche la spiegazione su concetti non interamente ben spiegati di tra gli argomenti nel blog, ma, come in alcuni casi, solo collateralmente e/o mediante il contesto. Si, almeno per un po', io continuerò a comunicare “tanto” mediante brevi massaggi, tuttavia, dopo le esperienze deludenti che ho avuto, mi muoverò seriamente solo se si presentasse, per così dire, una Porsche 911. 

NOTA: Ho recuperato i fail con cui ho fatto i miei blog e che ai primi di luglio 2013 ho cancellato. Penso che metterò solo le cose più essenziali in grande, le secondarie e/o successive in carattere normale, in carattere molto piccolo gli argomenti e le frasi meno rilevanti e gli argomenti vari, e, su bozza le cose che non ritengo opportuni di esporre, ma, in casi remoti, dandole solo su richiesta ad amici o veramente interessati. A chi gli fosse interessato, avrebbe potuto anche fare: copia ed incolla sul suo computer e pure ingrandendo il piccolo e/o cercando con: modifica: cerca e sostituisci o trova.

What were caused by the disappearances, the mysteries and some anomalous experiences, but, with return from the sea space called "The Bermuda Triangle"? Bermuda - Miami - Puerto Rico. Evidence, clues and analysis.

I translated into English with Google translator only the two most significant paragraphs.

Note on the argument of the myth and/or fact relating to the area of sea called: The Bermuda Triangle:

The psychological identity as well as in the investigation of the police, the FBI, or by other authorities than for other types of investigation, or even, for investigation of a spiritual nature. For this argument, the psychological identity even as I consider overwhelming evidence, however, may be one or more clues to guide studies in the right direction as well as investigations that the analysis of a spiritual and psychological about the Triangle, but not only! Arguably, the U.S. has a lot more psychological identity significance that in Italy also well on Google web pages, websites and blogs under the / the word / and search key, "psychological identity" may contain arguments more serious, more relevant and more taken into account by users in the U.S. compared to those who live in Italy. In America there are more serial killers, and perhaps other situations where it might be useful to take a psychological identity to try to better guide the investigations, moreover, as there is more culture and secondary method of investigation. in the U.S. may have developed more relevance to the culture as a guide to the psychological aspects of support to both the scientific investigations in general, but, having grown even less, even in other countries like Italy. It is, after all, just as an example, the science may find themselves in need of an identikit as valid psychological help drive more targeted surveys as long as you do not find the real culprit or maybe the murderess as unusual by other criminal or serial killer who is, then to be able to query in a more targeted way. Never finding the murderess one can not even do the DNA test and/or fingerprint, but, failing to find it. I'll compare them and you can do both, you, being so helpful as well as the psychological identity as the identikit face as track where directing investigations and obtain evidence useful in a process. Yes, never finding the murderess or being a suspect outside of suspicion, the tests made ​​at the crime scene would remain forever stored in the computer as well, but without any utility. Of course, I, like most people's wall, I received the news  and insights pertaining to the mysteries of the Triangle through television and other media. If some situations, occurring in that space of sea, were reported in a false by some writers, and if some boats were actually gone to the bad weather and not for the strange phenomena, it is not my fault if I commented, but, who reported the facts in a way not true and with the intention to inflate and make a sensation. So, what follows is a general discussion above, in principle, to logical reasoning and then to try to give an answer to phenomena not included. Besides, I do not have listed "all" of boats and planes that have "disappeared", drawing on information from other writings, but most importantly, I have limited myself to express a series of analyzes to explain the basic concept, namely, that behind things that already exist in nature, often, Satan and the demons can do the work to create additional points of view and more confusing, and so, try to outshine the truth about God and his purpose against people as possible. I might have made ​​the mistake of not doing enough research on the accuracy and /or falsity of some news and in general on the same myth of the Bermuda Triangle? However, even if the existence of the magnetic fields had not been demonstrated, for up Ambrogio Fogar admitted that the compass began to turn them wildly, it, there being phenomena reported by more witnesses in the course of time. (It 's true that he, Ambrose Fogar, as a writer committed a mistake in copying 20 pages from another book on cross-handed, however, for several reasons and more things to consider at the same time, hardly his report on the compass was true. from these and other speeches that I have done on the subject in question, it is likely that Satan and demons have created some phenomena extra advantage, whether true or false for the disappearances and/or reported otherwise than by the fact that the same overly inflated myth that has been created around that area of ​​the sea. Yeah, for these spiritual beings in opposition to God is important, above all, what many people believe, and not so much the actual facts about a place andor situation. for example, it seems completely absurd that at or inside our planet there can be a black hole, it would explode immediately or would collapse in a short time the entire planet. Moreover, it is likely that a black hole can be formed only by a giant star that explodes as Super Nova and collapsing making it a black hole is a thing possible, but perhaps not completely established. However, if a few people had been able to start and/or continue to think of a black hole in space and under the sea, Satan and the demons could take advantage, making a living witness to some of the apparent anomalous experiences with travel in time or a short slowdown, actual or apparent, the passage of time, the same say, UFO, etc., etc. But, if each witness and discovery about what area of ​​the sea, they were all invented from scratch, including, but what about the methane gas emissions and the tunnel with white stripes in here a pilot, so to speak, was forced to fly on the inside? Well, then, "in all respects", humanly speaking, was right in exposing Picasso, in a gallery after the Second World War, a completely white canvas as an activity aimed at humanity stupid, crazy and without any merit! But Satan exists and there is God, the Creator of all things? Subject taken into account on a written and/or subsequent posts! NOTE: For some eyewitnesses who suffered anomalous experiences in the Bermuda Triangle, not conductive to natural factors, it is possible that previously may have had involvement with things related to spiritualism. But, if you really were found vessels but without any person on board, we can not exclude that demonic forces can not have caused the disappearance of some human beings, though, this disappearance is not their primary focus, but, wanting them, confuse and mislead mankind with every means available. NOTE: Yes, I think I understand, perhaps, the complete and correct version in general and as a whole: all wrongdoing, natural phenomena and mysteries that took place in the triangle damn, of course, an explanation in a broad sense, both scientific and spiritual, of course, having the science of limits but knowing that Satan puts a hand where he can to try to deceive and confuse. 

26) Summary schematic, in short, of all the topic of the psychological identity behind the scenes of the Triangle! 1° On Earth and in the vicinity of it is: the man and the nature, which is a set of things, animate and inanimate, placed in the dock and according to many ecosystems, to ensure the continuity of many forms of life; the angels loyal to God and the angels infidels, rebels and slanderers, and in the end, the remote possibility that UFOs, hypothetical spaceships from other solar systems, have landed on our planet, presumably, since quite a long time, but, permanent! 2° Parallel situations where the demons follow the same behavior in the execution of their work, a bit ' as a serial killer, among them: A) behind the natural events of the Triangle, even today, is not fully understood. B) At the appearance of parts or all of the life forms that exist in nature, including humans. C) Behind diseases and mental disorders. D) behind the alleged gifts in men, (pranotherapists, psychics, prophets, alchemists, seers, in general, physical therapists dedicated to the passages of the energies, etc, etc,), Although some human operators admit the presence of spiritual forms which they operate. E) Behind some roles under the policy, although, in general, as the Bible says, all the kingdoms, the rulers or leaders and the entire human society, are under the power of evil, then, under the influence continues of its negative energies exerted in cahoots, the entire band of demons joined in one group, with a strong esprit de corps and unity of thought and action! 3° A valid motive to push the demons, (and/or the aliens in UFO), create anomalies "artificial" at natural phenomena, typical of the Bermuda Triangle, or even in the absence of these, but still, in the space of the sea! However, if the aliens really existed, they would have a valid reason to create everything supernatural, alien to the two natural phenomena? Also, if the UFO had landed on our planet, however, could not have, for a long time, get in touch with the man in an official way, because the nations are "very" warmongering, from the beginning of human history, then, there would be a danger that, if the man had acquired the technology to make interstellar travel, he could bring the war south other planets of other stars! On the other hand, for this reason, the aliens may arrive to our planet, but no official contact with us! So, what reason would they have had the aliens, at the head of their ships, to create the supernatural anomalies in the triangle? A massage, even today, not including humanity? Presumably, no reason! So even if there were UFOs, it would be possible to exclude them as perpetrators or supporters of all the supernatural that redundancies at two natural phenomena in the Triangle! If anything, the aliens were to be put in contact with us, logically, it will be the end of the millennial period, after the final test, when Satan, the demons and the sons of disobedience, they will be destroyed forever! So, will reign: love, justice and peace, while war will be no more, already a thousand years! However, just then, every man and woman will love, justice and peace in the "heart" and therefore, will form a humanity that does not ever lead the war south to conquer other planets! The current policy and diplomacy, economic interests lie and nationalism in the first place, then, would be completely unreliable from the point of view of the aliens if there were! Concluding the 3rd point, Satan and the demons, may be the only authors of the anomalies in the Triangle, having them good reasons to do so: to devise any strategy of deception, suitable for every individual and collective psychology, to deceive the majority part of humanity, let her stay in the disapproval of God, and in the end, he lost the opportunity of eternal life! Many different points of view and often conflicting, correspond to greater confusion and then, the truth is largely eclipsed, if not entirely, as happened for multiple processes on the death of Diana! 4° In my opinion, the most obvious conclusion, from the point of view of science that psychological and spiritual, that is: around the natural events is attributable to a job in cahoots more demons, both in the presence of methane gas emissions and/or magnetic fields that, at times, even in the absence of one or two natural phenomena! In addition, the only work of demonic forces, usually, it should allow the return of the witnesses, so that they can report the anomalous experience! NOTE: Essentially the discussion focuses on four main points: A) the writers not faithful in reporting certain facts, B) various testimonies as witnesses in the course of time, C) essentially two natural phenomena for a long time not included and/or including because of a phenomenon and not aware of the most decisive until recently, D) the possible paw, Satan and the demons, who may have acted in the dock at the same time and the whole context of their individual situations that happened in the space of sea between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. A) NOTE: The esoteric forces may have also taken advantage of the fact that, for humans it would take many years before he could begin to understand a scientific level, the unknown of natural origin, characteristic of the space of the sea, called: the Bermuda Triangle! NOTE: The U.S. military may not be the reason that the technologies needed to create the phenomena extras, such as happened in the space of the sea. NOTE: Satan and the demons want to confuse humanity as much as possible and then, they would have had a good motive to operate behind the scenes of natural phenomena and to promote further belief: in parallel worlds, time travel into both the past and the future in UFO as possible unidentified objects "carriers" of life on our planet, but not only, for art to mislead people with diametrically opposed beliefs and therefore, also in an attempt to show himself like God and acquire as part of ' worship of himself, which rightfully, only the Almighty! All this and more, is poured into evil and contrary to the work of God is Satan in opposition, rebellion, denial and defiance toward Jehovah God! NOTE: If the past and future was as wrinkled or pressed into other dimensions, by man 's free will does not exist, in addition, many other things would exist in reality illusions and impressions, among others, already prepackaged and written. Yet this view can eclipse the truth, cause confusion and lead to loss of reasoning with common sense, especially in the context of non-established scientific connected to the religious and/or esoteric. NOTE: If you could make time travel both forward and backward, you can talk about free will? But, if so, how this occurs? Also, if everything is already predetermined and existing, both the past and the present and the future, where would the justice of God in condemning the individuals already predestined and stored? The strategies of Satan are placed in the dock to confuse you and make you lose your common sense, existential orientation and wisdom. NOTE: I do not know if such a thing has really happened, however, if the demons had been able to create all these extra anomalies in this area of ​​the sea, probably, would have no difficulty to cancel a message while radio was spreading and play ten or twenty years later in the same area and in the same epicenter of spread! NOTE: If a political authority and/or more fit for purpose, supervisionasse a survey in several directions and with more expertise to verify with evidence and/or testimony for "psychological identity behind the scenes of the Triangle", may first, query people involved in various forms of spiritualism and/or who have committed serious crimes, including even the murder or attempted murder, all things condemned by the scriptures in a very clear and explicit. In particular, the investigation could be asked about: the phase shifts of the time, anomalous perceptions of reality, strange visions, any visions of UFOs, and if, after, or from the beginning, that they had completed or were under some practice related to spiritualism, and so on. etc, etc,! NOTE: In Italy, a policeman (or a cop) saw a flame that I create, like, alone and in contemporary radio communications in and out, from where he was standing, were interrupted. Then, the flame disappeared and radio communications resumed! For sure, this experience was that this policeman was caused by demonic forces! For sure, if the demons have created this situation, for at this policeman, there must have been a reason, but, more often, even in the Bermuda Triangle were interrupted, both radio communications and radar, but also visual! Most likely, there are many other situations caused by demons, which can be compared to the experiences with abnormal return from that space of sea between Bermuda - Miami - Puerto Rico! (NOTE: It ' also possible that if an airplane pilot had undergone something connected to spiritualism, later, in flying over the sea space of the triangle, may be more prone to suffer from anomalous experiences and then witness them.) NOTE: The demons are serial in situations for which the majority of men do not analyze things and cornets, for example, they hide or disguise their actions behind a number of things that already exist in nature and/or are actually factual or alleged, however, demons are careful not to be serial on things in which the majority or a part of the men could understand and more easily connect, for example, is not that if one is subjected to one or more times to pranotherapy or other, which implies the passage energy, must, of necessity, begin to hear voices and/or have other mental disorders, in general, already existing in the human race, such as, depression, paranoia, etc, etc,. NOTE: You can make many assumptions about the magnetic field, more or less justified, however, if one supposed an important layer of magnetite that covers or uncovers the bottom of the sea, it is considered that if the dust veneer or magnetite discovered this, the thing itself, it would be of relative importance, in the sense that the constant layer of water between it and the surface of the sea, is what counts. But then, there are other speeches to be addressed and questions to answer, such as: What can I say, if it really happened, people disappear, but not the boat that was found? Or, what about the pink mist and the interruption of various radio signals? There have been similar situations or parallel, in order to be able to try to get out, or at least, groped to give some possible logical explanation, although not fully understood or minimally? NOTE: Probably, the primary purpose of the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophets after the Bible, not the performance itself, but the divert and trap more humans as possible! So more points of view and multiple versions, which produce more confusion and disorientation, and therefore, more difficult to focus on the truth about God and his purpose for the earth and humanity obedient.

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