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September 11, 2001 - Global conspiracy. New World Order - Who rules the world? The Gang behind the Area 51 and S4 in the state of Nevada and the 13 families of the illuminati. Peace and security. Policy prophecy.

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Global conspiracy behind September 11, 2001. New World Order - Who rules the world? The Gang behind the Area 51 and S4 in the state of Nevada and the 13 families of the illuminati. Peace and security. Policy prophecy.
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September 11, 2001 - Global conspiracy. New World Order - Who rules the world? The Gang behind the Area 51 and S4 in the state of Nevada and the 13 families of the illuminati. Peace and security. Policy prophecy. 

.-Chapter 1: Movies and explanations about the elite of bankers and the New World Order; etc. etc.:1-5 
-Chapter 2: Titles and information copied and/or pasted about the area 51 and S4; etc. etc.: 1-15
-Chapter 3: Major points: 1-2
-Chapter 4: Some notes at the conclusion of the first 3 post with the photos in this next post: 1-10
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The tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.
-Surveys psychological and spiritual proving the divine inspiration of the Bible by Jehovah God, the Almighty Creator and very loving and intelligent analysis on the passage in Genesis about the Garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge: 1-5 
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-A miss-mass to help reflect on international politics: 15-20
-The blog of Navalny in english, and not only: 21-22
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Who are the "illuminati"? Who is "the faithful and discreet slave"? But who is the real enemy?
-Chapter 1: The "enlightened" and the true enemy of a frothy situation: 1-11 
-Chapter 2: Prophecies of Daniel: 12 
-Chapter 3: The faithful and discreet slave: 13
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Chapter 1

1)-A)-(From various sources, some movies have been removed. Regarding the death of Diana some information may be false and misleading, of course): Movies and explanations about the elite of bankers and the New World Order.  

On the address bar, or on Google, the first entry that appears on the web site or web page: 

1)-B)-AN INTERESTING documentary (in Italian) that explains in detail how an elite group of people checking in a pyramid over the world for the creation of a unified government at the global level. Their first must dominate politics through funding of various types including election campaigns especially in countries like the U.S., the promises of lots of money but as part against the promises of bullets with the name of the president or the prime minister or the banker, etc, etc, so that disobeys the detriment big business "only" to fulfill part of the election promises. (In other words: only they are the cream of society as a whole). The death of the politician can also occur, making it stink of fish and taking advantage of the masses who for the most part are fickle, not accustomed to think with their heads in suits facets that must be considered and the masses being much influenced by the propaganda (and markets as a result of how consumers may react), and heard that also affects and changes his mind often incorrectly. In addition, the so-called illuminati-enlightened (at the top, there are Satan and demons, not aliens from other planets in the field), have further contributed to a pseudo control over individuals through the introduction and imposition of the concept of normality, and then all those who do not comply are seen as different and crazy often suffering exclusion and disadvantages of various types. Everything has been introduced in various ways in the countries, despite the different cultures and circumstances of life, and, through the gradual formation of a culture and way of thinking is prevalent. There is partial under their control at the international level, and where the international prevails, the aid policy under their control, the media with propaganda and advertising, what is taught in schools, through the internet and also with automatic word of mouth and emulation. Then, in the capitalist system and consumerism with its propaganda and advertising and various situations, even before the 70 you live in an environment that leads many individuals to give priority to making money a god, and often, not being the only god, therefore, need to work harder and also buy unnecessary things which you feel the desire, despite too many taxes in most countries. Many people feel driven to spend more and buy beyond their means doing well in credit, an additional business for banks, usually to be fashionable, to satisfy desires and habits are not necessary as the latest model of car, computer, etc, etc, to comply with possessing various technologies and products for certain brands, frequenting the bars, etc, etc. But those who do not conform to the behavior of the majority now considered normal, and although it may prove to be a mess in part, may find themselves immediately to be labeled as different and crazy, a condition that can often give psychological discomfort, conflict, and in extremis up to the verbal and physical aggression. In addition, we are going to universities and intelligent people who like to study, however, in some cases the individual too smart, sincere and impromptu, ie, outspoken, crippled! (My considerations in parallel with the movie).  

2)-A)-Movies and explain the global crisis, those who caused it and why. As these systems also affect the financial and business policy making even the great Italian leader pawns, yes, as long as they are obedient, of course.  

Google in particular the first two items in the web page of Yahoo and the first two web pages: 

2)-B)-With the current finance, commerce and corrupt party politics, politically speaking, and no offense, in this dictatorship disguised in a democracy where politicians are dishonest or less inconvenient facts "stinking fish", used as scapegoats and in some cases made ​​out, but today, being perhaps worse situation compared to 78, and then, on the part of citizens is even more idiots continue to vote, to participate in the referendum of the fraud and to deal with social problems, energy, etc. etc. But, what could be at least a temporary solution, but, having to not be neutral in politics and therefore it is not the best and wisest of all time? For Italy it would probably be to support the movement of Lobby Popular and functionalist. This group is school policy on teaching in detail how things are behind the scenes and the psychology and dopi games that reign in the world of politics, as well as, what is the real relationship between the political and the pieces to trade 80-90 and finance, including bankers, arms manufacturers, the lobby of the drugs, the gangs, etc, etc. The current MPs are far from admitting on television how things really are and to tell the truth without shades misleading. But, if thanks to the commitment and honesty Lobby Popular acquires the next likely place in parliament, increasing power, and therefore, the majority and the government, and after remaining honest in its entirety although in the midst of many poisonous snakes both in and out of politics, and if failing to gain more and more confidence thanks to that honesty, little, by little, Lobby might be able to throw out all the poisonous snakes by the parliament through the dissent of the people at the next election campaigns, the only time it has a little sovereignty. But, what about the continuous good and bad promises by European bankers and international politicians? If this motion prevailed for example, between 5-7 years, continue to keep the promises made in election campaigns? Since we are all united and determined, too, yeah! So, first, if the whole group of members of the movement, the prime minister and ministers, decided to be honest, masonry, military forces and intelligence in Europe, they might have had too much trouble to kill them all honest politicians in parliament including the government, not being individuals uncomfortable as Kennedy and Diana, and then, being an ally Italy and in part already exploited by the U.S., they would not be easy to act in secret, creating destabilization in the country to bring down the government after and finally, perhaps, in theory, it would be enough that every parliamentarian, minister and prime minister (possibly only after you have received some secret promises of opposing million with promises of death and before the time had come to have to disobey the bankers and/or before the disobedience may be evident, and then, having thus stalled to save time and having deluded or not worried for a while the European Central Bank), on a certain day by an agreement of all the components Lobby politicians could make public across all media Italians every secret message received for the proposals of the big shady deals by bankers and corporations both nationally and internationally, mafias, etc, etc. And, speaking of these proposed shady deals by traders traveling, concluding the speech ironically, some politicians of People's Lobby during the interview, (of course, if the movement ever acquire such power), they would have said, if some of us will have an accident or die in strange circumstances or suicide, you people Italian, having been warned well in advance, etc, etc, you'll know what was the real cause for the death of some of us! It is, however powerful, subtle and well- prepared for any kind of dirty deal and murder, the Freemasons, the military intelligence and the "false prophet", would be hard to exterminate an entire political class honest Italian or part of it to intimidate and discourage remaining.  

2)-C)-NOTE final to Italy: Yes, if the Italians were to vote anullando the board with a large cross during the campaigns for the prime minister and a majority in parliament, and also for all the regions and municipalities, as if to say all these corrupt opartiti and in cahoots with the bankers do not represent us, and then, if all vote for People's Lobby, but it is clear that these representatives should maintain onseti that is completely detached and incorrutibili against the Jewish international bankers and the false peace process, then there would be hope of a short dutrata to Italy until the end of the wicked system of things. This would have to include: monetary sovereignty of the state as well as state-owned banks in Iceland and not likely to profit.  

3)-A)-Although many people have forgotten and does not care anymore, who knows about the false attack on September 11, 2001, the statement of the facts, than has been lied to by the official version and see why the fact that so many things and brute truths may have been hidden, can help the common person to understand better what were the implications took part in both the political economy and finance at domestic and international level, because of the unintended side effects even by great leaders or otherwise accepted as a loss, and also, and above all, to understand and open their eyes about what kind of characters are unknown to the governed. Yes, at least in a broad sense to understand how the highest level and how even the same Italian political leaders turn out to be mere pawns slaves of a global political dirty and evil that when he wants to, in part, with the maneuvers and propaganda can help let him smell of fish in a short time. (Europe being found to be a good union and a further advantage for the fake peace process and, although many people are not aware of it). But the ultimate question by some may be more reflective: okay, okay knowing and understanding how diplomacy and without being too cheated and duped by propaganda and not even on the facets less important but no less significant, but, because you can not do almost nothing or nothing to change the world, both individually and as a family, what you can do, given the global situation now so exasperated and hopeless? Yes, with the policies and diplomacy too corrupt and the people too sidetracked and/or no opportunity to act, given the era in which we live and the power of the army and other authorities equipped with weapons? NOTE: Against the Towers seem to be gone in two planes crashing into military drones, for example, an engine fell to the ground was too small to belong to a civilian plane and, as there were also other evidence that they were two military aircraft, while, the Pentagon, more likely, or has gone a remote-controlled missile, or a small remote-controlled military aircraft but would have to be with very little fuel on impact, and, there being many more details and clues to confirm this. Although many fighter pilots could not know it, the high military positions, (later promoted to have acted in favor of the business, and even if people have died about 3000), for sure they could not give the order to shoot down military aircraft, indeed, rather than preventing the hunting of orders against orders or phases. In other words: does not go against military military military chief of the same nation it goes against the plan of the military head inclined to the great affairs of the war. A phone call from a passenger who spoke of the plane hijacked lasted zero seconds on the printout, then, I do not know if you can phone from a plane just taking the phone in his hand, also do not know whether some civilians were killed in a plane which then crashed, anyway, the Twin Towers are gone two planes into the Pentagon and the military or a military aircraft or a missile. Some planes were able to fly over the skies of the United States for nearly an hour when the skies most protected in the world an unidentified aircraft that is not usually in a very short time could be cut down to around 10 minutes, a little more or a little less and even here there would have been much more to say. The supporting structure inside the towers are not overheated even at 250 ° C but it would take at least a few hours at 800 ° C to soften the steel and perhaps bring down the two buildings. After about ten minutes, a few moments before the collapse of each tower, the fire was already decreasing in intensity. It was a controlled demolition with explosives properly arranged and planes as a diversion to facilitate deception on a global level, and finally, collapsed on itself a third high-rise building more than 100 meters, but even that was hit from aircraft. It'obvious that Bush and his gang of politicians and businessmen were in need of excellent pretext in the presence of allies and around the world. The produced too many weapons to be used, the bankers earn with wars, reconstruction and debt for the state devastated is a bargain, the 09/11/2001 as well as the war for resources has also favored the fight against terrorism, that is, a common enemy of nations to fight together, a situation that should have favored the formal union of nations into business to a fake peace process and global security. In conclusion after citing only a few things actually occurred, even according to the will of the new world order and the class with the Masonic religious roots but today paid a lot in business and encourage speculation, all these shady maneuvers help to bring down the entire global system on which the same world leaders and business leaders receive support. And as if it were a race to suicide by the same "illuminati-enlightened", in fact, blinded by the driving demon and Satan the Devil through the Supreme alleged deception of the maximum profit at the present time, whatever the cost. (My considerations in parallel to many movies with technical explanations):  

Doing research on Google, (although many users on the network are much more experienced than me in doing research), and in particular to those who are interested, I recommend the film web sites in the first two pages of Google, or Yahoo by typing the first two voices or web sites on the first page:  

The hidden truths of the September 11, 2001 - You Tube 

From the first page on Google and Yahoo web movies by typing the phrase:  

11 settembre 2001 - video mediaset  (in italian)

September 11, 2001 - You Tube

Just typing directly on Google: (in italian)

"The hidden truths of the September 11, 2001... anything that we never knew..." "Really the heat of the fires in the Twin Towers may have weakened the structure and caused the collapse of the same?" "New World Order Who controls the world"
3)-B)-Typing on google "which explosive was used to demolish the Twin Towers?" and the first that there appears "Preview: scientists use explosives to confirm demolish the towers...", addition to the evidence that the Twin Towers were sunk on the perfect perpendicular, which is possible only by means of a controlled demolition, and also with more charges at different levels well synchronized saw the 400 meters in height, were also found traces of nano-thermite explosives used by the U.S. Army. Well, if I was in front of the good cowboy Geoge W. Bush, I would ask him: "Excuse me mister, I wanted to know, because, I do not mean with explosives, but, at the same weight the plastic explosive of good quality is more effective than the nano-thermite that you used in the amount of about 10 tons to demolish the Twin Towers and building 150 meters high, having you and traveling merchants need excellent excuse in front of the allies to continue in your good and profitable business?" It's true that not always the most powerful man in the world is aware of all the truth, and, in addition, some of these may be his broadcast with different shades, it is a complex situation according to hierarchies of power pyramid who wish to "canceller" the power of governments, however, George W. Bush had to be aware of these truths about September 11, 2001 and also throughout his dictatorship with information scorching silenced in particular was during his two administrations. In Italy, even a mayor of a medium-sized city like Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, one bothered to hide how could some facets of the truth about September 11, 2001, in particular in relation to this website, "Preview: Scientists confirm using explosives to demolish the towers..." on the computer of an employee of the municipality did not appear. Yes, a large number of corrupt politicians at every level and in many countries, too often or too late, indifferent to such reasons, no discipline and no one among them some of those already purchased that were asked "never", but, what kind of policies we are doing, why not come to our senses? Yes, all pawns driven and/or slaves of the new world order protagonist of a false peace process safety that speaks of peace but war and founded on good deals at the moment only for a few, but at the end of these false peace missions, to proclaim peace and security is reached, the entire world political and economic system will collapse, just as the Twin Towers. (But, deliberately ignorant citizens and slaves of voice of authority, etc, etc, give support, however, some of these may remain evil even well before the fake cry peace and security.) Even if they had not been found traces of nano-thermite, some argue that there is no evidence, the collapse of the three buildings on the perpendicular, including 150 meters high, by the way, not even by the airplanes hit it from the collapse of the towers, and more, dozens of testimonials from firemen, policemen and ordinary people who have heard the loud explosions, more, different people who worked in the towers and have seen individuals who were holes in the walls, are already sufficient evidence and clues over every little reasonable doubt that: the Twin Towers were sunk by controlled demolition in the name of good business, and by a false process of peace and security that soon will collapse well as the entire political and economic system in the world. In a sense, those who command the world, requiring the tracks to politicians in many countries including the United States, he is destroying with his own hands, yes, it is true that 13 families of so-called illuminati-enlightened are the apex of the pyramid of power. Although Russia, China, Iceland and other countries are opposing sides or at least not under the yoke of these business groups, the last conventional war and/or trade among "the last king of the north and king of the south" could probably carry the false cry of "Peace and Security" uttered by the OUN, in fact, dominated by international bankers and pieces from 90 of capitalism and politics, and, with the USA-UK the last super power as a false prophet and the wild beast with two horns like a lamb, the two "democracies" in the form of governments meek ​​that they do speak like a dragon. 
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4)-A)-The awkward must die, for example, considering the life and death of Diana which took place in Paris, and even though a lot of people are not interested in its history and death because of the many years that have passed and how he lived while belonging, in part, to the family of the Crown of England, she was advertising against the arms trade, and then, in fact, being very uncomfortable for business.  

4)-B)-(Copied and pasted): A yellow one in yellow on the escape of a key witness to solve the case of the death of Princess Diana: the elusive military accuses the British special forces SAS to have organized the incident in Paris, where the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed died in 1997, according to some tabloids, he would have left the US. The man known only as "Soldier N", a former member of the SAS, had prompted Scotland Yard to launch a review of the investigation of what happened during that fateful night in the French capital. The military, which was supposed to testify in the investigation, would have fled to Thailand because they "feared for their lives." The soldier N, after having made ​​the acquaintance of Prince William, decided to give its version of the facts about the incident: On that occasion a unit of SAS would use a special beam to blind the driver of Diana and cause the exit road of the Mercedes. This unit was created by the Secret Service of His Majesty to eliminate people uncomfortable to begin by dictators. It seems that a similar operation was ready even against Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.  

4)-C)-Today, the technology to produce the laser beam can also install a rifle south, it may only cost about 100 Euro and being able to get the radius of 2 km or more away. But, if in addition to flash to sidetrack the investigation no investigations had pointed to little distance from this type of laser on the eyes of the driver, this while not being permanently blinded, however, would have suffered a considerable blunder and can stun enough to lose the control of the car and crashing into a pillar of the tunnel. Processes, perhaps needing evidence and not wanting to hide the truth and/or this being too uncomfortable diplomatically speaking, insist that there is no evidence for murder and conspiracy. But, because the family of the driver has received a lot of money, and not only them? Is not it strange that they are gone all potential witnesses to the incident, and also where it ended the driver of the white Fiat Uno, probably, being only a witness who had seen the incident very well and after two motorcyclists out from the tunnel, one of which had made a sign with her arms, probably, to say mission accomplished? The Crown of England was involved not only the sellers of weapons, in addition, NATO countries get large revenues through the wars and the arms trade and after each war there is generally the income for the reconstruction after the country has to pay with interest. In poor countries, however, if after a war can not pay for the reconstruction, as compensation, the Anglo-American power, but not only, can seize the deposits of raw materials and any sources of energy in the country, and therefore, not favoring for nothing poor countries, on the contrary. (Yes, you know, sfruttiamoli and avoid a further day to have competition in the market). Under the various aspects of an optical near-sighted, he can not see the advantage of longevity and justice in a world system more healthy, in several respects, the war brings much benefit to the rich countries, etc, etc, but at the present time and the near future! NOTE: (Maybe through a secret agreement with the Serb authorities and against the war and not in line with Milosevic, of course, if there had been the part and, a little as when the Americans mistakenly asked for permission to land mafia in Sicily against the Germans, but, being an option at all essential): One last question, as in the case of the war in Serbia and neighboring countries of the former Yugoslav union and the Kosovars who were massacred, the NATO contingent would not have been able to introduce a special team in Serbia military "incognito" to take out Slobodan Milosevic and other columns of that evil power and warmongering? So, you would have been spared the war and the bombing to stop the Serbs? Far fewer civilians and soldiers would not be hurt or killed, most Kosovars could be saved. In addition, the damage would have been much lower, and the contamination of the depleted uranium shells, where the dust cause cancer despite being a little radioactive, are part of the consequences of polluting factors that could have been avoided, including, all that is was thrown into the sea even in the vicinity of the city of Venice, it seems that it was a little inconvenient truth mentioned in the media. However, if the transaction is not in direct confrontation had gone to make good with the elimination of evil government, some of the NATO countries that participated in the reconstruction would not have receipts for the work done, not to mention, of all weapons that would not have been used and lost earnings as well for the bankers. Moving on to the front of who controls the world, if there was a powerful x desirous of a better world, after a massive research and planning, he could hire some professional snipers, (certainly not idiots), to execute at least some of the so-called illuminati-enlightened and possibly other leaders at the top or near the pyramid of power. But, as was the case with Hitler, this will not happen until the capitulation of the entire world system.  

4)-D)-Former French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has made ​​buying from international bankers to help destabilize the situation in Libya and drop Ghedafy, but not for the fact that it was oppressive and evil to the people and neighbors such as an Slobodan Milosevic, but for the fact that Gaddafi had set up a big African bank with fair profit for the benefit of the country but outside the grinfia of Jewish international bankers. If you have a favorite destabilization in order to turn the people against their leaders, just after France and other NATO countries have bombed Libya with big shame and hypocrisy on the wall of many Italian politicians that could previously be on good terms with Gaddafi but that then they immediately turned their backs to avoid exposure or constituting enemies at once for convenience and/or fear. Is it possible that using a lot of money these bankers are able to buy all at once, including the authorities and politicians of various types, silencing him if uncomfortable and determining immediately the beautiful and bad weather at the international level? Obviously one of the main prerequisites for the false declaration of peace and security by the UN (and, after so many years of war and bargains only for the few that matter) is that the non-aligned uncomfortable with Washington, London and Jewish international bankers, there are no more. In Iceland they have managed to get rid of the dictatorship of the international bankers, but, as there is for the most honest politicians who do not let themselves be bribed, not division and strife within the country and a people who know what they want, and then, for international bankers would not have been easy to create greater division and destabilization in the country by secret shipments sore right. But, for a Mason as the Queen of England I would have no problems telling him in the face that: when you have achieved your goal after so many years of good business according to a short-sighted diplomacy and evil, the system will collapse just like the Twin Towers that have knocked down with the nano-thermite to get hold of the excellent excuses addition, you'll find yourself having to die in a manner similar to that of Hitler when the whole world system is about to capitulate, but the capitulation of then it will be far worse than that suffered from germinating in the mid 40s. NOTE curious but disconcerting: With the bombings sent by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French were unable to take out Gaddafi but after the French prime minister hired to do a terrorist killing and torturing Gadhafi in a room, but since this terrorist knew too much about the dirty politics of Sarkozy, after about two weeks it was done out, probably by the same French secret agents. It may not be nice to do the Top Gun under a false democracy also led by a prime minister is corrupt evil, in fact, as such, the Top Gun should always follow orders, and as well, even if "the face of his conscience", idem for secret agents. In addition, it is possible that an international court is never willing to condemn the international banker and/or traveling merchant and/or premier worthless if involved in events like these? Other than democracy, respect for human rights and justice; business only, false democracies and dictatorships. These bankers mold Hitlerian have almost complete carte blanche and soon you too will glorify even if only for "24 Hours" on the fact that he brought peace to the world.     

4)-E)-On several occasions there was involvement in big business dirty by many corrupt governments or that you are left further bribe with the Mafia and the Freemasons of the banking system by the many hierarchies? Well, someone could still astonish or disconcert? It'absolutely totally normal!  

5)-A)-(If in an area I can not take advantage of this option and I areca disorder, calculating and trying to have an eye, I try to get rid of it, ditto from participating in politics if hope was zero even at the present time, and tomorrow, not to say they have not been warned): You can not change the world and the global scene diabolical appearing in a suit and tie is going to implode in the great tribulation, and therefore, continue to support it would be like infiggersi alone a mortal wound for fear of what may happen to us after, since, is not so difficult to understand what the future of this system, just wanting to, inquire and begin to understand more deeply. The only wise choice and possible way out that can give a true and solid hope, would be to take a stand for the right part, this being in power both to change the world with the desire to do so, and as well, surpassing every expectation that you could hope for from the current governments and majorities in which case they were completely honest and well motivated individual nations and tribes.  

5)-B)-(It would never have to take everything at face value as the spiritual and scientific programs transmitted on television, but, having a balanced mind to a fair skepticism as opposed to an adequate openness, more, logic and common sense critical). But, what about the many appearances of unidentified objects, on the assumption that future civilization lived on the earth can take warning to abandon nuclear weapons having made a trip to reluctant over time? And, what about the secrets about UFO by the U.S. army and the Catholic Church today almost all become public domain? These appearances and apparent meanings of the story, give me more confirmation that all the apparitions or a good portion of them may be of demonic origin appearances by appropriately designed and planned by the same demons is to deceive and confuse mankind that to deflect the most many people as possible by putting all your trust in the Bible, God's word, the sum source of truth than any of all the books that are available today. Although the danger is there, it is not a nuclear war that will decimate humanity or delete Moreover, there are various types of land more evolved came from the future, equipped with teleportation technology for time travel, spaceships that amplify the force of gravity as a very effective means of locomotion, rather, if something were true, some alien species from other planets, but all this information, the U.S. military that has kept these things for decades magnifying curiosity, etc, etc. can undermine and distract from the cultivating proper knowledge, understanding and good conscience or faith than those who are the intentions of Jehovah God for obedient mankind and the earth. (The real God's organization on earth is primarily concerned with the spread of the good news, giving warning of divine judgment for this evil and wicked system of things, however, rightly engage in politics without bothering to analyze it like I did in my blog).

Topics that I would recommend:  

From the network: 
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Chapter 2

In paragraphs 1) and 2): Titles and information copied and/or pasted about the area 51 and S4; etc. etc.:

1)-Area 51: aliens, UFO or secret military projects? Area s4 top secret: A former government employee who claims to have worked at the site of top-secret Area 51 S4, hereby the transmission Art Bell that the aliens want to wipe us out. The former employee did not disclose his name obviously, but admits to being controlled and spied on the run. Then call on the radio during the broadcast Art Bell and reveals disturbing conspiracy relations between extra dimensional beings and the military. Paranormal experience, is published and translated part of the registration relating to the interview former employee of the site S4, which scared reveals chilling details. The aliens have hostile intentions and is seeping between the humans with the aim of destroying the larger cities in order to control the whole of humanity in the future. Certainly a bit disturbing episode, but of course skepticism persists on the matter of this individual, who could not even leave other statements thus remaining anonymous.

2)-Copied from the source in normal font size: Area 51: In Nevada, more precisely at Groom Lake, there is an extension of the desert called "dreamland" (the sid of the dream) that hosts an underground outpost of the U.S. Navy whose existence is totally cared for by the Pentagon, to the point that this area is not 51 appear in any paper or map of the area. The area 51 extends about 26,000 square kilometers in the desert of Nevada. In it you will find the underground facilities where the nuclear tests are carried out for the Department of Energy and the polygon of Tonopah where they were tested F- 117 and developed the so-called "black projects." In the heart of the installation is 51 Groom Lake (a perimeter of 16 km per side) whose activity is completely hidden to our eyes but still more secret 16 kilometers south of the complex is the area where S4 are experienced flying saucers. New hangars were built by digging into the mountain, and the tests are carried out on Immigrant Valley and also in an area to the north where the UFOs are seen from the famous mailbox on Highway 375 where you turn to enter the 51. Some data concerning location that I did not copy it is not allowed to copy and paste: ........... To better assess the degree of secrecy in the area, we think that before 1984 the USAF illegally seized 89600 acres of public land included in the chain mountains own to restrict viewing to fans. The USAF has also admitted the illegality of the seizure, but Congress has finally voted to approve the action of the military Until 1951 the area was used as a training base for the Navy, then Lockheed, along with the CIA, the transformed into a secret experimental basis for testing on the U2 spy planes. In the 1960s there were tested the Sr -17 being the ideal area for testing of equipment and secret aircraft because it was very isolated and protected by mountains. Since 1960, the test tests were included in the "black projects" and in 1972 there was a total blackout of information and data which lasted for 12 months. No one knows what happened in that period. The project called flying saucers "Red Lights" was started in 1960 with a first attempt to fly a hull pious aliens, but there was a serious accident and the operations were interrupted in 1980-81 up to south of Groom Lake is located Papoos the Lake, a salt lake where there is an area S4, the installation where he worked Bob Lazar. He was of the utmost importance to be aware of the operations that are performed within the base.

3)-The same Lazar He testified that he saw in the studio different races of aliens, and therefore, it is very likely that the most sophisticated technologies have been suggested by these aliens, likely nefilin modern, ie, demons generated by sperm and female ovum inoculated of normal woman, for example, how many men and women have been abducted over the years and then returned, testimonials and they can not ignore, even if the demons can also work only on the person's mind? (Of course, if this was really the right version, however, hardly anyone will take it into consideration as I had zero say in the matter). The advancement in technology for military purposes only and disconcerting when you consider the real needs of humanity which would need or part of it and the conditions in which the planet may also have been a help from the alleged alien is otherwise unlikely that the U.S. military could manufacture high-tech flying saucers so much to be able to move and amplifying the force of gravity of the flying saucer in relation to other celestial bodies, in this case the earth, and probably not feeling it inside the hull as regards the acceleration and deceleration. (A strong acceleration of a military aircraft may be enough to get the pilot fainting). But, what future could hide all these projects? And, Diptera all this, there may be people who want the destruction of humanity, knowing that at the appointed time they too will be destroyed?

4)-In ancient demons astray the nations with the situations suitable time and also with technologies that are still not well understood today, for example, about huge buildings perfectly aligned at specific points of the solstices and huge stones that perfectly match not leaving pass even the tip of a sharp knife. Today, the demons are misleading in many ways, and also by favoring situations consuming, depending on the psychologies and desires cultivated by the people but also in accordance with the technological age in which we live. Yes, they mislead both individuals and nations. As more than 4300 years ago, some demons have materialized to make love with some women giving birth to the nefilin, mighty men of antiquity equal to men beings, but, being of the giants hybrid height up to 10 meters or more. Similarly several decades the demons may have given birth to different breeds of alleged aligns probably always lived on earth, but having been informed by the same demons, their fathers on how to idealize technology far superior, for example, how to multiply the force of gravity for so many times for very short trips and quick acceleration and without probably feel the acceleration and deceleration inside the spaceship, and then, with the area 51 from the many subterranean levels of experiments and for a long time remained a secret from the point of official view, basically it can be a collaboration of the U.S. Army with various species of "aliens" in fact could very well be the offspring of demons and humans. And then, at the top is his true powers of the pyramid there are Satan, the Devil and demons, his collaborators, the second power would be in the hands of various species of alien spaceships equipped, classic UFO, but, presumably because all terrestrial beings and to the third power may be the military or the Jewish international bankers, etc, etc. Yes, if an alien from another world had acetate official contact with an army of a nation so warmonger, just like all the other nations of the earth they are, would prove to be a real fool, because, technologies interstellar man could bring the war to other worlds. NOTE: A secret hidden for so long by the U.S. military, and, not only that, also having aroused curiosity perhaps exaggerated by some people who have seen unidentified flying objects? The thing becoming official and public thanks to a witness who worked at multiple levels of a secret base in the U.S., plus, many other testimonies but not likely choir understanding about the actual source of these Martians, although it is a real thing with many branches, can be particularly misleading and potentially dangerous even for those who have learned the truth of the Bible thanks to the support of the true "faithful and discreet slave." NOTE: (Some clues about the aliens that today carries with it a lot of knowledge and culture of this planet, you, as if in fact came from the floor): A man with a helmet that appears only in a photograph along with the little girl who was photographed by his father, a visionary UFO that took many photographs, but, despite living in a crowded city like Milan was only him to see flying saucers, a lady visionary phantom objects that I have personally met some years ago in an apartment in via San Francesco 38 in Trieste, where he practiced reicky, a spiritualist practice par excellence, and he thought to be in contact with extraterrestrials and as well as if they wanted to tell him something, etc, etc, are some of the many clues that make me suppose that the current ex extra terrestrial, as they were considered up to now, could be an offspring similar to that of nefilin who lived before the flood. Obviously, there are parallels and biblical models that might occur in our time just before the end of the system.

5)-More than 4300 years ago, having been formed a violent world largely antagonistic to Jehovah, some angels have decided to go against nature materializing and making love with women and giving birth to the giant hybrids, the powerful antiquity. These have helped to increase the level of violence on the ground pushing God to come down and in on the flood of Noah's day. Today, the man in general, and especially some people hinge inserted into big business, like science and technology in particular for the war, and therefore, a technological civilization existing today quite violent. Thus, through the Area 51 and S4 and the support is probably not fully aware by the U.S. army and perhaps also in other countries, the demons may have given rise to various breeds of progeny from the human species and the demons in those that up to now for many were the so-called extraterrestrial. Obviously having these kind of modern nefilin on a human scale technologies far more advanced than our own, and in part because they could have sent the American army, which is a real alien in the flesh would never do. By the demons who instruct their "children" in both technologies on how to communicate with humanity, (partly as you probably did also with the giants before the flood), it could be warn mankind to fear nuclear war, one thing is not wrong in itself, encouraging or advising against the man to continue to build even more sophisticated weapons as a deterrent to war of mass destruction but not the wars for business and, at the same time other situations and/or chain may have the aim of bringing all nations, almost unconsciously, against Jehovah God is, if that is indeed the case, a particularly confusing situation that could have meant to deflect further nations and powers from giving priority to the most important things and urgent, it is, so to speak, so that instead of being pushed even more in the direction contrary to God's purpose and on the eve of the destruction of this wicked system of things, and Zephaniah 1: 18, Daniel 2: 44, Revelation 19: 19-21 and many others. In essence, even if the Twin Towers were brought down by the Americans themselves to get the excellent pretext, however, the collapse of the towers could be a prophetic model of the entire system when the religious, political and economic, really begin to sink into after the false cry of peace and security and the beginning of the great tribulation presumably within each nation. The earth is getting ruined, many species of animals are being decimated or extinct, but the nations bother to create ever more sophisticated weaponry, and, so much so that the best technologies for military purposes. Finally, at the level of ordinary people's moral and propaganda, just think of the many movies that have been made about aliens who make war and/or who want to conquer the land, and if they really existed other forms of life on other planets may be the only man that has a thing of the war from which he can not even get rid of. The human species being the only smart to 360 ° which lives on earth with all other species of animals, while having hands that allow him to build objects and tools always the best, and yet, having built a trap for the man if same due to the pursuit of false ideals and selfish business for the benefit of a few but increasingly to the detriment and destruction of all humanity.

6)-Taking into consideration the international politics and the hidden truths of the September 11, 2001. - New World Order: Who controls the world? There are some additional notes about some details, events and situations dealt with at the beginning of this post: NOTE: The 47 pillars would have to be heated evenly for at least several hours at 800 ° C in many points at different levels and also at the level of the land, to fall on the perfect perpendicular, moreover, in just 8-10 seconds as an iron ball in free fall, and then, having been as good even though controlled demolition killer. To bring down two buildings taller than 400 meters perfectly perpendicular on it took a planning desk study, in fact, have been placed explosive charges in many different levels and close to the ground, also, the charges are broken out in succession and in a synchronized manner to accompany the collapse from the top down until the big explosion on the ground floor so that you do not have the breakdown from the perpendicular, or at least that was my impression after seeing a movie as well with due explanation, yes, a set of moving images and explanations that were not a not a wrinkle. Although many have not followed or did not believe, about a year ago it became official the truth about the collapse of the towers, and not only, however, since they remained not been denied misleading the many versions including the official one and being passed over 10 years the same truth in fact perhaps too little fanfare, even psychological situations that may have been designed by those who planned the event on September 11, 2001. NOTE: Stepping back in time: If the military plane severed the cable of the cable car Cermis with a small tail fin, where an airliner had been hijacked into the Pentagon at least the large wings had to leave some sign on the outer wall in the vicinity of the impact, in addition, the wreckage of the wings were supposed to lie at the same outside. Have not been found even the wreckage of the plane that according to the official version would precipitate in a field due to passengers who have rebelled against the hijackers. Yes, all the hijackings on September 11, 2001, ghost stories, but not the same way as real ghosts in which a demon can take the semblance of a deceased person to fool anyone who sees it. NOTE: The Twin Towers were high and more than 400 square meters, however, the frame was inside. There existed many steel beams next to each other and connected to each other probably also to eliminate buckling and dangerous vibrations. If the fuel of the aircraft was sufficient to soften the steel, what per se already impossible, the fire would have to heat up evenly every steel beam, a thing quite impossible if part of a fuel fired by means of an impact. NOTE: The military plane sparked a small fire on the wall of the Twin Tower for an instant before impact. Probably the military wanted to make sure 100% that the gas in the plane caught fire thus giving more impact to the diversion point to Mary as a prerequisite terrorist attack, however, a big mistake was to bring down even a third building which was not hit I checked the aircraft it by the collapse of the Twin Towers, but also the third subsidence having been a controlled collapse.

7)-Although many are not aware of and/or are not willing to recognize it, wanting to see the current system as honorable and in a suit and got off at the international level we are living in a false peace process and global security. Politics and international diplomacy of NATO countries that speaks of peace and human rights, but, based on: the gimmicks, the excellent excuses, war, reconstruction, interest for banks and large traders, the removal or release of uncomfortable. Moreover, when the OUN representation in these countries will proclaim, "Peace and Security" reached, those who have ruled the world, having made ​​great business may well boast of having brought peace to the world through a new world order. The mental reasoning that led me to this statement are enclosed mainly in these words: "September 11, 2001 - global deception. Identikit psicologico: 11 Settembre. Psicoanalisi spirituale.", and, if it is translated into english, it means: "September 11, 2001 - global deception. Psychological profile: September 11. Spiritual psychoanalysis." Yes, try to understand through logic and connections who may be behind some important events and what reasons may have been pushed a series of scientific reasoning to understand if there is a religious truth, and also to better understand what era we are living and thus, by comparison of the understanding gained from the scriptures about our age with today's international politics. Unfortunately a lot of people while being smart do you divert from the common thoughts, the voice of authority, the most convenient way of thinking, etc, etc. So, if you only make a clear reasoning, and well-placed without a wrinkle, but uncomfortable and against the current, many do not accept it, and some will even get angry. An example would be on the fact that the Twin Towers, (more than a third high-rise building about 150 meters from the planes do not hit it by the collapse of the Towers), ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT ON THEIR PERFECT sink PERPENDICULAR DUE TO THE HEAT OF FIRE, MA ONLY THROUGH A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION very well planned, having the Washington Bush, London, the families of the biggest bankers and the big manufacturers and retailers, need an excuse excellent in the sight of the allies to continue to make war, etc, etc. You can not do anything to change and fix the world deserves to do social events full of folklore until he was tired and could even take risks, however, as the only way of salvation, every individual can still take a position wisely for the right, but, being law-abiding, a good citizen and respectful of authority to the role that!  

8)-Think about it: all the best and most sophisticated technology for military purposes. And unthinkable and too a big loss if weapons of 2-3 years now almost obsolete and unused still remain unsold in warehouses. One concern of this type is driven by greed might cause anxiety stress at the merchant traveling good moneymaker: Absolutely, we go to war or invent a situation to make it originate; yes, priority! And to think that the current system, the current system has an hour and a half before sinking, at most, two hours! NOTE about Lady Diana guilty and sentenced to death for having advertised against the arms trade and the fake peace process and security: What the driver of the Mercedes was dazzled and dazed by a magnesium flash used by the military or by a laser, little change; anyway, Diana was uncomfortable and had to die and that's that! For secret agents or for the military, organize events, to kill Diana was as nothing, however, if the driver had not over 150 Km/h in the tunnel, it would have been much better and maybe if it was an accident successful, would not have caused the subsequent death of Diana and others who were in the same car. However, there are rumors that Diana will be finished after the accident was, of course, do not count them as secure information. NOTE: But, what about the current system in which we live? The current world system apparently honorable to some appears to be stable and well established? In fact, today's system is very unstable and is well-says to the description given by the Bible when it refers to our era as a system made ​​of iron and clay. Yes, some monarchies and empires that have occurred in history, in particular, the Roman Empire, were far more stable and durable system that today's conspiracy behind even proclaims a false peace process around a round table form only.

9)-Prominent elements as Geore W. Bush and maybe even the high military positions that were awarded after for scoring a good job in favor of the excellent pretext, are people who may have even silenced the conscience just for trying to do in so that in the morning of the September 11, 2001 fewer people can entered in the Twin Towers, in part, Jews and other people who have gone there that morning not being aware of what was going to happen. NOTE: If a parliamentary congress continued to ask for an explanation as to why some anomalies about September 11, 2001, such responses will not ever given much less the truth of the facts, but if this to inquire and was studying the case of many good and reliable sources, would find out soon and without any reasonable doubt that the attack was in September 2001 of 11 ghost and it was essential to create an excellent pretext in the presence of the allies so that we can continue to make war for resources and for the use of too many weapons produced, other reconstructions, plus interest, for the same bankers, the fight against terrorism, etc, etc.. Yes, all the conditions to foster good business but at the present time. Obviously, if this parliamentary color was studying and it is established about all these hidden truths and the real reasons for the performance of the September 11, 2001 after well if they start talking too demanding that justice is done, probably, would get little or no result and, moreover, endangering his own life. NOTE: The myth of America still not gone for many Europeans and the fact that the U.S. freed us from Hitler, however, putting us in the party under Bankers grinfia America and having been forced to go to war as it is attacked by Germany and Japan, in addition, quite a few people being servile to the voice of authority, it is a psychological condition that causes it to not think using his head. Yes, often the bad guys with high-ranking military and the state, they do what they want, many victims and witnesses cry out for help and bear witness to the truth far and wide, but generally what matters is the voice of authority of the President or the prime minister even though very corrupt, but being president can not conceive that it is corrupt, and therefore, all the victims are silenced and forgotten and dead, yes, but it will not be so forever! NOTE: If I found myself in front of an international banker at the top of the power pyramid I would ask him: I did not understand, I explain to her, but, what is the difference between you and 5 Hitler?

10)-So, what about the air 51 and S4, and also considering the event of the September 11, 2001, and the conduct of international politics dominated by the good business but not treating the overall situation serious? Perhaps the U.S. military does not realize with that group of people have made ​​a contract! For me, but not only, the speech is clear, at least to me seemingly is flawless! Of course, I could be wrong, but, from the context, and in general: The nations led by the false prophet and other super powers, they are going towards the situation of Armageddon to be destroyed, including the execution of the Apocalypse, including the armies and military commanders, Revelation or Apocalypse 19: 19-21

Paragraphs 11)- 12)- 13)- 14)- have been copied and pasted from a source in nature to normal size: 

11)-"Illuminati-enlightened" or "light-bearers". (Do not be surprised if Satan appears as an angel of light, it is written in the word of God, and therefore, even their servants are in complete darkness, but not into light.) Belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world and the characters that really monitor and control the world from behind the scenes. They are, by many, also called the "Black Nobility." Their main characteristic is that it is hidden from the eyes of the world population. Their family tree goes back thousands of years, some say it dates back to the Sumerian/Babylonian or even that they are hybrids, children of an alien race, the reptilians. I am very careful to keep their bond of blood from generation to generation without interruption. Their power lies in the control species that statement (Bilderberg Group, etc....), "money creates power" is their philosophy. Their control aims to have all the International banks, the oil industry and the most powerful industrial and commercial sectors. Have infiltrated politics and most governments and state bodies and parastatals. Moreover, in international bodies first of all the United Nations and then the International Monetary Fund. But what is the goal of the illuminati-enlightened? Create a New World Order (NWO) with a world government, a world central bank, a global army and a network of control over the masses. At the head of course themselves, to subjugate the world to a new slavery, not physical, but "spiritual" and affirm their belief, that of Lucifer. This project goes ahead, according to some, but for thousands of years had an increase in the first half of 1700 with the meeting of the "Group of the Elders of Zion" and the Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the famous dynasty clever that still controls the system International Bank. The meeting led to the creation of a poster: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Divided into 24 sections, describes how to subjugate and dominate the world with the help of the economic system. Rothschild financed the jew and later helped Adam Weishaupt, a former Jesuit priest, who in Frankfurt created the infamous secret group called "The Illuminati-inlightened of Bavaria." Weishaupt taking a cue from the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" elaborated in 1770," The New Testament of Satan" a plan that will bring a small minority of people in the global control. His strategy was based on the suppression of national governments and the concentration of all the powers under the sole bodies controlled by them.  

12)-They have a clear plan to bring forward in small steps, in order not to arouse any suspicion. Create the division of the masses is an important step in politics, economics, social aspects, with religion, with the invention of races and ethnicities, etc.... Unleash conflicts between states, so as to destabilize the public about the government, the economy and instill fear and insecurity in the population. Bribing with easy money, benefits, and sex, then make blackmail politicians or anyone who has a leading position within a state or an organ of state. Choose the future head of state among those who are servile and submissive unconditionally. Having control of the schools from infant school to college to make sure that the young talents are addressed to an international culture and unconsciously become part of the conspiracy. Indoctrinating the population on how you can or can not live on what the rules are to be respected, the habits and customs etc.... Seeping into every important decision (better long-term) of the governments of the most powerful states in the world. By making these decisions coincide with the final project. Check the press and information in general, creating false news, false emotions, fear and instability. Accustom the masses to live on appearances and to meet only their pleasure and materialism so as to bring the company to the depravity, the stadium in which the man has no faith in anything. Getting to create such a state of decay, confusion and exhaustion so that the masses would have to react by trying a patron or a benefactor to whom to submit voluntarily. One of their goals is chipping the population so as to manipulate their thinking and their behavior, as well as make it much easier their identification and localization. All this with the excuse of security personnel.

13)-In 1871 the plan of Weishaupt is further confirmed and completed by his American follower, the grand master, Albert Pike worked out a document for the establishment of a New World Order (NWO) through three world wars. He claimed that through these three conflicts the world's population, tired of violence and suffering, would have required spontaneously protection and peace and the creation of global bodies that controllassero this. After the Second World War it was taken the first step in this direction with the formation of the UN. For Pike, the First World War was to bring the Illuminati-enlightened, who already had control of some European countries and were gaining their plots through the United States of America, to have even the leadership of Russia. The latter would then be served to the division of the world into two blocs. The Second World War would be due from Germany (what happened), by manipulating the different opinions among German nationalists and Zionists politically engaged. In addition, he led Russia to extend its zone of influence and made ​​possible the establishment of the State of Israel in Palestine. The Third World War will be based on the differences of opinion that the illuminati-enlightened have created between the Zionists and the Arabs (Christian West against Islam which is coming true and even faster), planning the extension of the conflict in the world.

14)-Obviously they could think of to achieve their goals on their own, and they need an "operational structure" consisting of organizations or persons exercising power and operate more or less consciously in the same direction. Their strategy has relied on two pillars: the power of money, they have set up and control the international banking system, the availability of trustworthy people, achieved through the control of secret societies (Masonic lodges). The Illuminati-enlightened and who controls them with these companies, they are almost Satanists and practicing black magic and human sacrifice. Their God is Lucifer and through occult rituals and practices they manipulate and influence the masses. Many assert that it is also from this kind of occult science that the enlightened have developed the theory of mind control of the masses. Not long ago emerged even the names of these families: ASTOR – BUNDY – COLLINS – DUPONT – FREEMAN – KENNEDY – LI – ONASSIS – ROCKFELLER – ROTHSCHILD – RUSSELL - VAN DUYN - MEROVINGI.

15)-Satan and the demons rule the world, but it is not that aliens live among humans ESSEI, at least, there may be a progeny, about man-sized, daughter of demons and humans. If this information is copied and pasted right are the thirteen families of the so-called illuminati-enlightened should consist entirely of very wealthy families of human beings, if after one of them can be visited and/or resident of any modern "nefilin" or "alien Earth", I do not know, but it is of relative importance and it is useless in the fantasy space, however, could these possible offspring of demons and humans live on earth, but some species of these aliens being too visible, of course, if they lived or at least had to do from time to time also common among humans or if they had had too much interpersonal relationships with the families of the enlightened, military commanders, other military personnel, intelligence agents, etc, etc. NOTE: The 13 families of the so-called illuminati-enlightened living in luxury and anxiety for big business and big power, they could not be easier to consider the grave situation prevailing in the nature that sustains us all, but, seeing and hearing of suffering and lack of many nations, perhaps as a distant thing that ever he will have, in addition, be potendoci the pressure of Satan that makes him feel safer and more comfortable. NOTE: There are a compulsory insurance in almost every activity of life, many more taxes and greater extent, increased border controls and bans except for the boundaries of nations like the European Union, changes in ways of thinking to his own detriment that is, as if evil were gray or was also good, as there is uniformity of a few things in all countries under the dictatorship of globalization. Yes, life is becoming increasingly difficult and less happy and yet there is an ongoing peace process led by the world's 13 richest families in the world, obviously it is a false peace process and security driven by the so-called "peacekeeping". NOTE: At the false cry of peace and security delivered by the UN, under the thumb of the international bankers and pieces from 90 trade, you probably will believe the majority of people who are servile to the voice of authority, the ideological myth of a religious visa in one's own nation or species if you live fairly well, but not many of those accustomed to thinking for themselves. The culmination of the great tribulation, which will begin immediately after I proclaim to world peace, will also mark the end of the capitalist system, with all its mandatory insurance as if they were necessary and a whole way of thinking in some areas now completely diverted and misleading. The false peace process with its little perceptible changes in society, especially those more advanced and under the influence of the powerful and/or rich at the international level, and, with its peace-keeping missions in the wars of political interest in commercial appears invisible, and probably, to proclaim peace by the UN many slaves of the system in a suit and tie we believe at the moment.

Chapter 3

Major points:

1)-Some technologies and situations of use ok for many of these may be also favored by the Christ who is reigning in the midst of his enemies since 1914, and, where appropriate, not only by demons as well for misuse. NOTE: One thing impossible, however, that news breathtaking, perhaps even for Christ, if only one of the possible Nefilin today they converted to Jehovah rebelling against the deceit of their spiritual fathers supported in part by the U.S. Army. Probably, demons have not experienced it before the flood that eventually maybe even today that God is bringing the destruction of this wicked system of things in this world and that we may fall judgment also alleged extra-terrestrial. NOTE: It is not so important if the list copied and pasted is 100% reliable and what is the group of people who actually holds the second, third, fourth and again through power-level pyramid, but the fact that Satan the Devil, the first angel who rebelled in God when he made use of a literal snake in an attempt to mislead Eve, the first woman who lived for a while in the Garden of Eden with Adam, is at the top of the pyramid and by extension all its employees, demons, then, passing their children in the flesh with high-tech, space ships, bringing to 13 families of so-called illuminati-enlightened hence the five faults of Jewish international bankers, etc, etc. So at the level of the human domain, it is important to know that there are essentially three main general powers: the kings of the earth, the current governments in particular those of the super power who make more text at the international level, the traders traveling including bankers, lobbyists of drugs, arms dealers, etc, etc, and the power of the many false religions that will expire immediately after the false cry of peace and security. The hopelessly corrupt political thinking mainly do business in many countries, more and more crazy weather that gets on his knees so many cities and countries, etc, etc, are clear signs that should help many people to open their eyes about the fact that current political and economic system is going to collapse and that soon will no longer have sufficient support from nature, according to some scientists in 2015, the planet is already at the point of no return with regard to support us. NOTE: The demons have been involved in human Moth and the events that actually happened probably as shown in the film "Voices from the shadows." There may be a correlation between the ratio and demons, the present aliens may have come from the earth and all the pyramidal system of power with some of the so-called illuminati-enlightened at the top of this pyramid is a set of hierarchies that is bringing the whole world system 2nd September 11 2001, ie, a rapid and devastating sinking without recovery as part of state during the cycles of history. NOTE: Despite all the evidence some do not believe in unidentified flying objects because they can not give an explanation? Often it is foolish to ignore something or want to think that there is not only because they do not understand and because it goes against the cannons of thoughts familiar to us, generally on the right track sooner or later you have to answer all sorts of mystery even in gradually. NOTE: The deception of Satan is very powerful, issued for each psychology and tailored for our age where technology has taken the upper hand in many situations. NOTE: (Most of the events we did not see in person, and then): Not always reading a book or the version by an authority made ​​transparent is to be taken at face value, and therefore, it is true that many times you can trust bound of what you read from a book or from the internet where copying and pasting are the norm, however, is not always the most well-known sources are unreliable and/or sincere, for example, see the official version of the attack ghost of the September 11, 2001. Yes, the ghosts of demons posing as dead people or the evil eye, although very rare, and something that only occurs when a person goes to cercarsele, things are more real than the attack of September 11, 2001, having been all maneuvers by military to get some excellent excuses. NOTE: A behavior sage on the part of the wicked Chief World Systems? Keep killing all the good that meteorologists predict accurately the storm so after the storm never comes, moreover, continue to do your dirty work for four and a half billion years and continue to deceive the masses according to your comfortable and better business in the absence of any magnet that can make you fear. NOTE: If the people are stupid, victims are silenced and ignored and the evil powers continue to do what they want. In addition, both in politics and in other spheres of power, generally it is difficult for a subordinate is put against the top hierarchy when you leave this corrupt, or if you find that it is corrupt and compromised dirty business often damaging to society which, however, must be kept in the dark. Yes, if the highest forms of power were not evil the "top secret" would not need to exist. NOTE: Immediately after the cry of peace and security, some chiefs and the sheriff of the world may say, if we had not stifled many more wars between nations over time we could never achieve peace today's world of fact, however, having been towards the end of the wars often defined as peacekeeping missions, but more for economic interests and imperialism in the form of exploitation of the resources of other nations. Anyone living in NATO countries had wanted to achieve a military career, piacendogli weapons, etc, etc, would support this false peace process and the false prophet. (Whether that patriotism for money, however, it is wrong to do those jobs that support the fake peace process)

2)-For not having doubts as to September 11, 2001, that is, what really happened and why was planned and fulfilled, you need to gather information, to question and reflect on the whole affair to be a general framework at least in a broad sense. This is enough or not, to remove any reasonable doubt that Bush and his gang of suit politicians, industrialists, businessmen and bankers, had certainly need excellent pretext for obtaining benefits. Understanding the reasons is good but also the details of an event, you can be more persuasive when talking with other people and, regardless of whether some news on the internet and while truth may be out of phase. However, there are certain principles from which he escaped without being competent in the field, in particular, about September 11, 2001. Often, the Italian politicians, but not limited to, lie and try to distract the population even when they tell the truth about things that really happened, though inevitably it will have to know, for example, being partial and only talking about certain parts of truth. Obviously, to know what to do and act wisely, that is not enough to know all the details of the September 11, 2001, and the short-sighted interests that were behind the political, commercial and financial sectors; yes, an event that has helped as well the onset of the "crisis" in the world economy still exists. NOTE: Bush, high military positions, (although not all military pilots knew about it), agents of the CIA and the FBI, all in cahoots and conspiracy to carry out and sustain the attack ghost of September 11, 2001, in addition, with no straight and exemplary punishment, but only with some promotion for facilitating good business despite the death of nearly 3000 people. We are living in a very bad period in which authorities often can hurt their own country in order to invent a pretext excellent, but of ordinary people and the victims who often receive injustice and evil with excellent privacy rights. Yes, we are right at the end of this wicked system, not to mention, the ever higher taxes in many countries in favor of corruption and good dirty business for the few who can do what they want generally with the rich getting richer and the poor average poorer. NOTE: Once a person is exposed to specific and well-placed reasoning about the global scam about the ghost of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attack, if still does not understand and/or do not accept, you do not want to understand and accept the truth about. NOTE: In fact, they are more real ghosts and pain lochia, (even if the second thing is very rare and occurs only when one goes looking for or if it has to do with the individuals as questionable) that the same alleged and officially declared a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. NOTE: If you could, greedy capitalism would give drugs to the climate in an attempt to calm a crazy weather because of capitalism itself, indeed, metaphorically speaking, is already doing and also to fight the government uncomfortable. NOTE: The maneuvers English about Libya are questionable even before Gaddafi receives power. The Libyan leader having established an African bank and being the situation in that country is not so stable, the international bankers took advantage to delete it. International diplomacy is inclined to peace? Good business at the moment and inconvenient facts go out, period! NOTE: With his maneuvers did Hitler kill so many innocent Jews not rich and not versed in finance, however, Hitler wanted to eliminate even the Jewish international bankers. Today, and, for many decades, the international bankers Jews as the greatest enemy that works behind the scenes, groped to divert the peoples of the earth, now more and more educated, they want to emphasize that Hitler was the greatest enemy and that the what should not be repeated. In fact, however, although as in "jacket and tie", the international bankers are well camouflaged and hidden enemy like Hitler entered into a frothy situation according to the needs of the scene and diplomacy dirty world of our days. NOTE: It is precisely the Jewish bankers who partly financed Hitler? It's a real thing but that we should not talk about? I do not know how true this information is, the fact is that the policy of the bankers is much more hypocritical and download barrels compared to that of Hitler who at least had a well-defined enemy. However, it seems that I match the bankers do not want to pay for it. Hitler behaved wickedly while having some good ideals, but also the bankers are still in a questionable twisted and evil alliance. From the post-war period to the present day, Americans are like parsley, militarily speaking, and, more than the Russia of the 70s. NOTE: Because Switzerland's neutrality was respected by Hitler? I do not know if part of the funding for the war Hitler had received from Switzerland, of course the First World War gave a particularly disadvantageous peace with Germany, however, appears to me a bit strange that the Germany of the 40s has not invaded the Switzerland despite the fact that Hitler did not comply with almost any nation, however, one or more reasons to respect this neutrality should still be there. NOTE: A substantial proportion of people living in industrialized countries do not have the time or desire to understand international politics, also, not a few people being too servile to the voice of authority and perhaps even interest in wanting to see the current world system as honorable and in a suit and tie. But, is there any single person and organization in the world that rightly expects impending storm and destruction to this wicked system of things. Well, this cabal of Jewish bankers and merchants traveling mold Hitler, who also kill all the good meteorologists so "maybe" the storm and destruction will never come and they will continue to do their business greasy and greasy forever! NOTE: Some people think that Hitler is still alive and that thanks to amazing experiments made ​​in the 40 years he's taking advantage of an elixir of life today as Hitler if he were still alive he would have more than 120 years. A person who has a face like that, a given personality and lifestyle, may not have difficulties to appear like the original Hitler to people today who even knew him in the 40s. In extreme cases, some individuals are able to appear as a character given to people who knew him in person. Yes, I do not think in any way to these statements without even a shred of evidence, moreover, since some things difficult or impossible to prove. NOTE: Some scientists and many supporters of the theory of evolution do not like it and want to learn to speak the truth, but, being in search of glory, and not only may put their ideas on top of everything, and, as if it was a god. You can provide a lot of hard evidence on the existence of God, but they did not want to give an account to God in wanting to believe it, it will never believe you. Ditto for today as nations manage the land and despite the progress of science, continue to teach the theory of evolution in schools. Especially on spiritual themes and to give explanation on the origin of life, some prefer to defend their ideas to the hilt even if inconsistent and illogical. Often, the "pseudo scientists philosophical" about the damage created things and the connecting links that do not exist yet, we copy from nature air conditioning systems, excellent materials, etc, etc, but for them, as if the if it is extraordinarily intelligent and as if a blast had created a universe well organized and precise physical laws. NOTE: The "illuminati-enlightened" in their fake project of peace and security in line with their business, they want to get rid of the uncomfortable and too many people even through wars for bargains, but, in fact, there being so many problems, such as pollution, greenhouse effect, immigration uncomfortable, etc, etc, mainly because of those who govern the world and capitalism that does not respect nature in the name of maximum profit at the moment. NOTE: The rise in temperature is even more favored by a decrease in general of the ice which act as mirror reducing the heating of the water below, and then, for this and other reasons, global warming may prove faster than expected, in addition to discourse of population and GDP growth in many countries also recently considered the so-called third World. NOTE: For most of the time, you should not be charity or aid to the poor because in reality takes away all the corrupt offer, and this applies also to whole nations being governed mostly by unscrupulous businessmen. So, never make offers, unless you do not have the certainty demonstrated your money coming in for the purpose for which the offer. NOTE: In the face of the many so-called democracy and freedom and human rights, there are still secret societies in league and/or part with the most powerful governments of the world average and, in particular, all those who come together for their good business and the formation of the new world order that aims to unite in a formal way so many nations with large blocks and then join the same blocks in a sort of big government world, but it will be a sudden situation of false peace and security in accordance with the plans Satan. NOTE: The scientific programs like Mystery, Focus, etc, etc, it is true that often convey interesting news, however, all too often, these programs, amusing touches, they shoot too many assumptions as evolutionists confuse, mislead, etc, etc, and then, would be to view them with understanding  and deep critical sense, in addition, these programs are wrong to give credit to sources with voice, but, in fact, do not trust. NOTE: Even before the 40s even in Italy under Fascism some technicians noticed the existence of aliens provided technology far ahead of our, moreover, some pilots and astronauts were many witnesses of UFO sightings, real spaceships or appearances generated by demons. But, if you really aliens from other planets were landed on the ground, should not have the concept of war, not so much the fact that with the technological advancement the war would soon annihilated, but, having grown up in more and more advanced technology always friendship with God and not to dominate its damage as it stupidly man has done from the beginning of its history. But, if the U.S. military nascone its collaboration with various alien races probably of the earth, it could also be demonic creatures and human, also, the man is too obsessed with the war that also affects the way of thinking and of setting objectives with the exception of a few individuals with "more salt in pumpkin" and good psychology. NOTE: A chance to how remote but not entirely impossible if in the name of good business: it might happen that the traveling merchants, kings of the earth and the military commanders, and, by extension, secret agents, after all "just wars on a peace mission" and proclaim peace and security achieved and, being perhaps already been decided and planned to create a pseudo- mega attack on a religious pretext to have excellent both in respect of their fellow countrymen and not that of the allies, to be able to ban all false religions, ie, an alleged terrorist bombing of a religious who could make a clean sweep of a part of the city of New York. For example, placing of nuclear weapons in the barrels that driven by the current are found floating in the vicinity of Manhattan, and later, regardless of whether they burst, or whether, as in the case, the attack was gutted thanks to skilled agents of the FBI and CIA yes, the same authorities who have supported and helped hide the attack ghost of September 11, 2001, an event that could kick off the destruction of all false religions and expropriation of all their goods, even if effective, will God himself who instilled the desire in the hearts of the rulers to destroy all false religions, it probably is propitious with the events supported by the historical legacy with the push on the intimate and presumed sense of security. On the other hand, returning to the present time, Satan being at the top of the hierarchical pyramid of power, he built a "perfect" to induce and/or coerce the majority of governors, at least among those who make more text in international politics, to bring all nations to the situation of Armageddon and the complete removal of the entire wicked system of things, because he is the enemy of God and man. L'attack on september 11, 2001 could find themselves to be the prophetic model other two events still the most serious and important in increasing order, ie, a second ghost attack against the city of New York, an event quite remote, just before or just after to proclaim, "Peace and safety," and the destruction of 100% of entire wicked system of things during the great tribulation and the Apocalypse. 

The first titles are written in English and in Italian in all 3 blogs: The tree of knowledge of good and evil. The "illuminati-enlightened" and the real enemy of a frothy situation. The following titles and topics are written only in Italian in the blog,, but, in the blog,, the titles and part of a topic are written in English and in italian: Psychological profile: the Bermuda Triangle. Spiritual psychoanalysis. Peace and safety!/? Political prophecy. There is Satan? Evidence and clues! Diet and metabolism. The original titles in Italian appear so: L'albero della conoscenza del bene e del male. Gli “illuminati” e il vero nemico di una situazione schiumosa. Identikit psicologico: il Triangolo delle Bermuda. Esiste Satana? Prove ed indizi! Pace e sicurezza!/? Profezia politica. Psicoanalisi spirituale. Dieta e metabolismo. (These are the titles or parts of titles of the most important topics of the 3 blogs). If the argument or part of it, you liked to preserve it, you can also copy and paste it on your computer and spread the word.
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Chapter 4
Some notes at the conclusion of the first 3 post with the photos in this next post:

1)-Global conspiracy - the false process of peace and security of banking mold. Political prophecy: the New World Order. | Inganno globale - il falso processo di pace e sicurezza di stampo bancario. Profezia politica: il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale.": Any comments and criticism on the policy, especially if it becomes too popular and uncomfortable, it can be attacked by the misleading electioneering that can begin to try to label the author of those comments in a somewhat similar to that of some actors and singers Americans who have supported the just cause in favor of the Cuban government, were accused of being Communists from their homeland, and, as if communism was an enemy to be eliminated as soon as possible. In fact, there have been despotic and totalitarian communism is that communism where he lived quietly, a little more democratic and with good initiatives for the benefit of the people. Of course, a false system of communism, not good! NOTE: Jehovah God has provided a good and modern earthly organization to part of humanity willing and sincere, both in providing good translations of the Bible in current modern language spoken in each country and in providing good knowledge and understanding of each topic in the Bible, to relate to our daily lives and our prospects for the future, but, depending on what you choose to do, namely: whether to take a position in favor of Jehovah God or remain part of the world, following the trends, today's idols; etc, etc, but which can also mean to isolate and eventually make their own religion. If all the inhabitants of the earth were to learn Aramaic only to be able to do yourself a literal interpretation of the Bible without benefit of a valid guide who could get closer to God, since it is already difficult to do so while knowing well the truth contained in the Bible? Yes, the abscess is God: it is easier to be able to more easily understand being necessary above all a humble and sincere mind that is free. Yes, better to be neutral in politics by taking a position in favor of Jehovah God, and doing so in association with a neutral group, it is generally more protected from the evils of the leading systems and the country in which you live with the exception of a few countries where this is still persecuted religion neutral, however, at the global level for a while time tends to improve the situation except in a few countries where freedom of religion could decrease or be removed. NOTE: What about today's capitalist system too extreme and increasingly dictatorial? More and more rules and less freedom, having more things to compare before even though some of these were completely free, our own ways of thinking that are different to our detriment because of the pounding that we suffer from a lot of mass psychology, in short, the capitalism that makes you more and more a slave, little by little, by removing many of your rights. NOTE: Reasoning principle though here concerns the Italian politics: Some defended to the hilt the Democratic Party, a political party in Italy, but, being blind to the situation in Italy. Essentially, I rely on some yardsticks to try not to be misled by electioneering and by what some people say often stubbornly convinced that he was right, although free to express their point of view. Without blinding me looking only to my own interests, but trying to look in general, what were the results produced by politics, not 94, but in these last 30-40 years, for example, an increase in taxation, the general exasperation in recent years, etc, etc. The way of talking and posturing of politicians both verbally and in newspapers is sincere or false? The comparison of the national situation in the face of what I've learned through study of the Bible, the most important thing, and, the fact that he had personally talked and conversed with people via facebook, presumably honest now, who worked behind the scenes of politics national high-ranking, and then, having learned well from individuals who know very well the policy. The fact that one must be a lawyer, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and lawyer, is not enough to be familiar at the bottom of the policy, it may take even the humility to listen who really knows avendoci worked, because, although many things you can tell from the results products, it also takes a little school against former politicians decided to undertake an honest policy. The idiots who think they know everything and they think they are free to express their ideas, in fact, find themselves in a kind of prison without bars. Obviously, the reasoning should be done both on the national policy on the international one, also, and above all, the true and lasting hope that the intervener has supported the kingdom of God by Jesus Christ. In this post is not that I express myself as a religious fanatic, in addition, it is also true that when you do the analysis on the policy can be criticized in various ways in an attempt to make you suffer psychological impact is misleading for you that you have written that for those who had read your writings as well-placed, deep or poor, stupid and influenced by misleading electioneering. Obviously, to the extent possible I want to keep myself neutral. NOTE: I am aware that some photos and/or information taken from the internet can be spurious, however, has the whole of the reasoning and the context in which it is a picture or a piece of news, which I can help me to understand if it is a true or false information, potendomi wrong, of course. NOTE: The international bankers Jews do not analyze them in a negative manner by the fact that they are or call themselves Jews, but for policy making in relation to the kings of the earth or current governments, and therefore, being complicit governments themselves often adapt or make cahoots with the wishes of the banks. If after a group or a person criticizes me, saying that on my blog I maintain the thought of Hitler, fascism, Nazism (which made 50 million deaths and being well led by Satan), and the Tsar of Russia, then, it is a party idiot or an individual who makes a false propaganda to mislead strong psychological impact, right, in a similar way as do hundreds of poisonous snakes who filled the Italian parliament, the many regional and municipal councils in good part of Italy, it does not mention it! (In mine, I try to keep as neutral or non-partisan, though, being perhaps too caught up in thoughts of politics, not condemning the people who are the political and economic power, but, trying to condemn and/or to analyze the their actions.) NOTE: Democracies young born from totalitarian or despotic regimes often leave much to be desired in a manner and form highly visible and often as these new democracies meddle with the Mafia, also being the same justice in these states very visibly questionable. However, the current great democracies of "old", substantially, although different in substance are not then so much the better: an example, the URS few decades with the current Russia in the presence of USA-UK. NOTE: The President of Uruguay, although probably not doing text on international politics, he might have figured out a lot more about some essential things on an intimate level with regard to exercise power, compared to the powerful presidents, moreover, the real power should not aim at the conquest of territory, economic power and in wanting to subjugate other men and peoples, but the true and mighty power should have the supreme goal of saving people and putting in place the land for a long future, until the Moon there will be more. NOTE: America is guilty for having fought communism also assured to pure speculation and economic interest often causing suffering and death, The USA has self-ttempting September 11, 2001 just to have a pretext excellent, besides, the war in Vietnam with France was made only for reasons of control of the territories and antagonism with the URS, etc, etc. Of course, even Russia has made many things that were not right, and then, since it was not better than the USA. in many respects. Yes, today, the West is better only from the formal point of view, but not in substance, especially when there are half of the big interests related to the current imperialism resources, trade and financial power. 

2)-If the Crimea and Ukraine were the states now completely independent from Russia, and as well, without any support and important relationship with the former republic of belonging, then Prime Minister Putin is wrong in wanting to occupy the two states in which case wanted to join the European Union. But things are not so! However, if Ukraine and Crimea are united Europe, how they want to do, they will become the slaves of European banks and will gather even more hidden under the domination of the New World Order. This order of capitalist mold to take his time to join the "five" big alignments formed by many states to give rise to an official level to the New World Order. Probably right then or "immediately after" could be shouted peace and security by the United Nations, slaves of the international bankers, rather than representatives of many states they represent. In fact, the true peace and security should be cultivated in the hearts of the people, groups and national governments. You have to learn the intimate love, truth and mutual respect for each other and for other people as well without love him despite possible to exploit strong interest, also, it takes the respect for nature that sustains us today more and more hardly. A peace process based on the capitalist war, but who wants to bring peace and democracy and freedom, however, doing away with the uncomfortable, metaphorically speaking, is going to last as a summer in Alaska. Yes, you, the greatest systems at the top of the pyramid, and 90 pieces of weapons and trade, want to eliminate individuals uncomfortable, thinking, well, they have solved everything? No problem because the majority of people in the masses, operated and/or forced to a prison without bars thanks to your domain through your propaganda and political pressure on the various states have become international? Well, then, when he gets a big tornado headed toward the coast of the U.S., forecasters kill, so, the tornado will disappear and not be discouraged, causing much damage and death. NOTE: However, the Russia of Vladimir Putin is still facing a very powerful contrast to the capitalist dictatorship of the New World Order led by the 90 piece, finance, commerce and industry, and politics; if the two states become Europeans, as well as becoming slaves, there will be a further disintegration and weakening of the Russian front, which despite its flaws, is a good thing and maybe even stabilizing in some situations, given the well known diabolism of the nascent dictatorship "in suits" of alleged democracy by the New World Order. NOTE: The last war between the last king of the north and king of the south of the prophecies of Daniel, (the Bible does not say lies, but good predictions often supervised by God Himself for the fulfillment of course), could indirectly lead to the total collapse the Russian front now under Vladimir Putin? And the New World Order will prevail over the whole of Russia and China soggiogandole -level economic and trade? This, of course, will not be at the level of the territory as in the past. Or, there will be a compromise fitting the two sides? However, the false cry of peace and security, this New World Order of capitalist mold will end up with even more in the nature of the knee and no longer able to support us, and, if in many ways it will rule over the whole world? Or, the face of Russian opposition remained until the false cry of peace and security? This, I do not know, however, after the cry of peace, the whole world system, after an immediate "big mistake" on the part of governments, in all, to the detriment of all other circumstances, and not only, will bring down the whole system in the world, and just as the Twin Towers the morning of September 11, 2001 with an explosion of nano-thermite, and perhaps also with other more powerful explosives under the ground level. NOTE: Since the URS was the penultimate king of the north of the prophecies of Daniel, probably would not be involved in the role of the last king of the north, in addition, this strong Russian deployment against the New World Order, (which is often, and more, it can make the good and bad weather), it is said that at the time of the false cry of peace and security, it will be able to prevail in the political, economic and trade on all the nations with a strong voice in making or text level international, including, Russia and maybe even China, however, there may also be a compromise, a seemingly favorable situation to say: peace and security achieved, and some powers might say, if we had not taken away the uncomfortable, never we have achieved it. 1)The whole gang forming the three powers and the various groups within the gang, will not change, however, the individual belong to it or to the policies of nations under the Anglo-American neo-colonialism, and, not only that, they could also change, albeit, being able to risk their lives in countries like the USA. Anyone who spends himself in favor of God's purpose, was also a politician or president who was later killed, and perhaps also the politician who had spoken out against the conspiracy and had taken a position in favor of Jehovah, it may be remembered by God to beginning of the millennium, and, though he were dead for opposing the conspiracy of USA-UK neo-colonialism. Yes, a great and unimaginable rewards for those who make a wise, just and loving. Thus, the melting of ice, the many winters too warm in Europe, but not only, too much rain in some areas, the increase in earthquakes, etc, etc, are caused by human factor, and not only for pollution of soil, air and water, but, as in the case of climate change and earthquakes, are intentionally caused by humans, ie, from the despotic systems that govern us and who have cultivated an obsession with the New World Order as a carrier of peace and security, but, strictly capitalist mold. Is given a partial answer to questions such as With chemtrails can cause earthquakes? Or, for sure, with what technology can cause earthquakes and for what reasons? Since almost all the governments enemies and exploiters of the people that govern change in the climate and encourage hurricanes, earthquakes in promoting in areas where faults are more sensitive, have interests of nature: for experimentation and military domination of the world, funding and well hidden and disguised to mislead the public's attention from the facts and circumstances that burning governments want to hide. It can be a bit difficult to start an ordinary person to believe that the technologies of the Anglo-American neo-colonialism are so far as to allow the manufacture of earthquakes in the most sensitive and that governments, in cahoots with the USA-UK, are willing to promote the interests of earthquakes for military, economic and political, however, today's world is almost completely corrupt system and conspired with the psychosis of the new world order. The maximum systems farcii want to believe that the New World Order will solve any kind of problem that afflicts mankind and to try to get us to believe in this, or causing themselves by emphasizing all these problems, we first want to get used to think that the USA-UK is the sheriff of the world for our own good and after will want to make us wish for the New World Order under a single government. It is a diabolical plan against which the few politicians who would like to be honest and transparent with the people, they feel with their hands tied not to immediately put at risk their own lives. Of course, even if the international Jewish bankers financed the wars and so many other things in dirty, most likely are mainly manufacturers of arms, the arms dealers, some heads of state and many military commanders and multinational oil companies, the largest originators and Proponents of all these wars and destabilization for the interests of various kinds, as well as psychology itself to mislead and manipulate the masses. The USA-UK and all NATO countries are involved in this diabolical conspiracy that has contaminated all the tissues and organs of the various member states. In addition, Russia and China, the latter being a nation country from capitalism tremendously harmful and not respectful of the environment, may already be involved financially to this dirty and evil capitalism promoted by the West. Almost, almost, if after the war, the situation was less tense, it would be better to surrender to Hitler and to be governed by an enemy government but also in the light of the sun. (In other words: many partisans, and not only for what they fought? For a banking dictatorship disguised in democracy). 

3)-Jehovah God will not allow the earth with his whole life can be transformed into a "SPA". Moreover, the same tera is not nearly as capable of supporting the greedy capitalism expressed by the nations. The earth has the aim of will allow humans to enjoy life, and not some business groups may prevail permanently on the majority of the world population, in addition, the land has been designed so that man may worship God, obey him and be happy with good aims and goals in life, is a life without end. Doing good and contaminate other people on this line of thought is very good thing, however, is not that you might be able to change the world and to convert the wicked more chronic and associated with big business. Must be good also on a spiritual level and take a stand for Jehovah God waiting for him to tear away all the wicked of the earth and the present system of things satanic. Yes, many remain unrepentant evil and/or will not be consequences for justice until the end despite having probably suffer as all the inhabitants of the earth-life situations due to the coming great tribulation. NOTE: Today on, it happens to all this and more, and almost every news too tragic it could be true, however, generally you should have common sense, do not be naive, but being selective but open-minded. NOTE: To censor or hide some uncomfortable truths you can not do on a large scale, only for some things and not after a time limit, also, it may not be convenient to do so, and therefore, the greatest systems and internal policies to the various Parsis take mass psychology to mislead and manipulate the masses, in addition, those who do not misguide being a minority they do not close the text, since it would be difficult to bring down the corrupt systems even if the majority in each nation was fully aware about all the dirty maneuvers that make them the same maxima and political systems that govern the world. NOTE: If Putin Valdimi it wanted, it could also break down without warning all planes leaving chemtrails that can later be scattered by the winds on Russian territory, in addition, to begin with, the Russian leader could not launch seven intercontinental missiles on the platform in Alaska to create high and low pressure? I do not mean in military technology, however, five missiles could throw off the defense systems, and so, the other two missiles would be more likely to destroy this base used only for military purposes, but most likely not for the good of peoples. NOTE: Russia and China want to build the canal in Nicaragua that will rival that of Panama by which the U.S. earn a lot of money without even being neighbors? Europe is part of the Asian continent with Russia, yet Europe has long since become a U.S. neo-colony. If Russia and China were to undergo division and opposition from the United States, Russia would have to begin immediately without notice could shoot some intercontinental missile, for starters, the military platform in Alaska for climate change. The Anglo-American neo-colonialism has become too proud, stupid, violent strategy visibly but feeling now too visionary and omnipotent. A strategic move well targeted, perhaps, it could generate a little fear of nuclear war, and therefore, could humiliate and bring down a bit the presumption of USA-UK. Certainly, after an attack of this kind, Vladimir Putin could have complained to the whole world conspired to U.S. policy as well as the tragic truth about September 11, 2001: The United States has sacrificed 2,700 people in one fell swoop, including even many citizens Americans, especially, to have excellent pretext for the continuation of the war, to boost the fight against terrorism and unite in a formal way the nations against a supposed common enemy, to accustom the people to a greater police state and control according to the dictates of presumptuous of the emerging New World Order. You know, the Islamic terrorism and Osamma Bin Laden, who may still be alive, working in cahoots and in favor of the U.S.-UK neo-colonialism. (For some individuals who reason according to the wishes of the lying propaganda, if you tell him that Bin Laden was in cahoots with America, he is not that irritates you, but begins to catch fire and fumargli the head). The Masonic symbol of the seeing eye atop the pyramid, shows awareness of the alleged omnipotence and convergence both by the Jewish international bankers that U.S.-UK neo-colonialism are many political leaders of the super power of the Masons also, what well-known even in Vladimir Putin. Obviously, foreign policy must be very very careful with some moves that you can do, trying not to ever act on impulse, just like when you play a game of chess, as the succession of some moves could lead to disastrous consequences. This is aware of both the Anglo-American power that Russia, and not only! However, NATO countries and its partly slaves to it, you feel invincible even for very short time! NOTE: A country including in the military alliance is protected in case of attack, however, even if the USA-UK are the sheriff of the world, and even though the military alliance can give a sense of security to the countries parties to the agreement, NATO if it is not good and his way of doing things will help the beginning of the great tribulation. NOTE: If a person with a lot of say in working against the interests of the European Union, for example, the young governor of Carinthia Jörg Haider that he ran for prime minister of Austria, sooner or later, it can be killed. Jörg Haider wanted to do a single state between Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and perhaps also the Veneto, an idea that also loved to Richard Illi having been much better than many other politicians. This was the real reason why everyone started at the international level against the nomination of Jörg Haider, and probably, according to the will of the international bankers Jews, most of all hate Hitler's Nazism and siding with the European Union, and yet, behaving the same international bankers Jews in the same way Hitler but in a more hidden and diplomat from behind the scenes. Today, in part, it is as if Israel ruled the world, having a good part of the international bankers dominion over the world, however, being yet a little while the Anglo American last super power in history ruled by man. Even Silvio Berlusconi has been done to make it stink of fish die at least from the political point of view, not for its policy partly corrupt, but for the fact that Berlusconi is not in favor of the European Union. Yet, most of the politicians are corrupt Italian show bought and obedient to European politics and the international bankers Jews. What sucks is that the current policy, there has never been so much dictatorship in history as today under USA-UK neo-colonialism that want to establish a New World Order. NOTE: From what you are ultimately compromised and even more corrupt whole systems of political and economic governance, see the autumn of 1914 and from 11 September 2001 onwards, it is clear that they are still a few days left in this wicked system of things, and then, having to be less and less surprising when the system as quickly and in a fury begin to sink, metaphorically speaking, within 8-10 seconds just like accadette with the Twin Towers. NOTE: Apart from the maneuvers of the bankers that took place in the second half of the 2000s, September 11, 2001, as was the case for airlines, may have favored the emergence of the current international economic crisis? The propaganda on the part of USA-UK neo-colonialism gradually wants to trick you into thinking that it is essential to a single government in the world, in fact, in the ways in which today's large business groups and politics are trying to get rid of the uncomfortable, well as being immersed in hypocrisy, are clues that it is an ongoing process of false peace and security. To the cry of peace and security, probably, there will be a formalization of the New World Order. NOTE: This is just a guess for another analysis in any event to impact shock, as there is a satanic written by Nostradamus prophecy that talks about it, and, given the well-known way of doing mass psychology, to plan and to act, the power Anglo-American. If, just before the false cry of peace and security, the United States decided to make a clean sweep of half of New York City with two nuclear bombs in two barrels thrown into the sea for another excellent pretext similar to that of September 11, 2001, at least advised her that the people on the possibility of a burst or two nuclear bombs placed by terrorists so that much of the population has time to get to safety. Besides, in 2001, dozens of people, including policemen, firemen and ordinary people have witnessed many violent outbursts that have made the Twin Towers collapse, but nonetheless, the media have broadcast all over the world only version of the U.S. authorities in the so-called official version. Similarly, if many New Yorkers had come to the attention of the strategy before the outbreak, more people could be saved, and anyway, as it happened September 11, 2001, the media, the same could give the official version, for example, a religiously motivated terrorist attack. After the cry of peace and security, the United States and other nations would have to ban all false religions, of course, to avoid repercussions, not being able to promote Catholicism or another religion, but, by destroying all other false religions. Obviously, only the one true religion, being protected by God and not having an impact on policy, it would not be destroyed immediately after the cry of peace and security. 

4)-NOTE: The Bayer and other industries could be German was the major and unique producing various types of toxic gases, including, the various types of nerve gas. The U.S. might have provided Saddam Hussein for various types of nerve gas by buying from Bayer and by forwarding the goods directly to the government of Saddam Hssein and probably also in other countries, but, without even entering the product to sell to other states in the U.S., seen that in America that a strict customs and some strict laws that prevent big way to sell weapons to countries deemed objectionable and/or in war. In the 80's even Saddam Hussein was a CIA agent. As agents of the CIA there have been Osama Bin Laden, Islamic extremists figured as terrorists, some military mercenaries, etc, etc. NOTE: A direct control of the person to think of some military powers by particles released in chemtrails and after that go into the brains of people, I do not think it is possible, unless it is proved that I do not, however, an influence on the brain and behavior of not a few people could occur. One objective could be to destabilize some feelings and emotions in the hope of making the population more obedient and submissive to these despotic powers that govern the world in the name of good business and where the environment and life continues to exist and to serve as a function business and finance. In other words: if we are forced eventually do something good for the environment? Ok, but, according to the bare minimum! NOTE: The night sky I have observed a very cloud produced by a long straight wake of a plane that was passed by a few minutes and watching several times over the course of half an hour, I saw the increasingly large until completely thin. Most likely it was a chemical trail, as a normal wake of a jet can not be visible in the sky for about half an hour or more. NOTE: The United States of America, Russia, China, Germany and maybe even France, are something more, beyond, to the Jewish international bankers, heads of corporations, military commanders and major false religions, however, Most of all the other states have little or nothing. NOTE: Probably the African bank Gaddafi could spread to other African countries, and this, it would be well to both the Jewish international bankers that the Anglo-American neo-colonialism, two situations very intertwined. NOTE: The water that evaporates from the seas above will discharge naturally in most areas or in areas less likely to be major flooding; in some ways the U.S. is an ally like Hitler. NOTE: In fact, the enemy state does not have the slightest intention to eliminate smog in cities, but, wanting to increase the damage to the fibula via chemtrails. There exists a non-trivial argument in which the state is expressed in absolute truth and sena minimal moisture by mass psychology? With regard to chemtrails many people can argue and just say it would be too stupid if true, because, after all breathe, including prominent politicians and bankers. Probably the enlightened bearers of darkness, could adopt some degree of filtering and protection against these poisons scattered in the heavens, it is also likely that in the areas where they live most frequently (since most of them avid men business often make the trip), the powders of chemtrails may be less abundant. On my blog I do not I copy and paste a map of spreading chemtrails as a map could be misleading and partly untrue. NOTE: chemtrails, you may either encourage that prevent the rain. How much is involved Russia, too, albeit in much smaller quantities, I do not know. NOTE: Russia is lawfully very involved in the stock level with Western countries, including Italy; probably might be a compromise between the West and Russia without the need that there is a direct clash. The last king of the north and the last king of the south could hardly be back Russia against the United States, however, there may be coalitions supervised by one or both of the two super powers. If the Anglo American had put first peace, human rights and democracy, to promote the process of peace and security would behave with the several states more or less powerful than the other way around. NOTE: Although Russia is opposed to cluster bombs and various cruelty on the part of Anglo-American neo-colonialism, one can not seek salvation even in people like Vladimir Putin, because now the entire globe at the international level is too compromise, in addition, there is a lot of running and apparent good business for various kinds of most effective weapon and practice of classical atomic bomb "is not acconsentita" by the Treaty of Geneva, however, often violated by the U.S. and other countries. He is preparing the final war between the last king of the north and south, later, there may be a compromise between the opposition and the neo colonialism, and, if there will be another short period of time, the false cry for peace and safety. NOTE: If a head of state or a powerful man with his organization of a military began to make out the first time some enlightened at the same time and then another one by one, these actions could be emulated by others, however, the best thing to do today to anyone is: to remain neutral in politics, take a stand for God and preach the good news to anyone, even if it were a jew banker in Frankfurt. We all have free will and there is the possibility that each of us may be converted, including the international banker or the leader of a multinational company. NOTE: The head of the Italian State has not denied about the existence aerosol therapy war spread through chemtrails containing aluminum and harmful to the brain that helps two nasty diseases the therapy of age, in some lead, barium, lithium, artificial polymers can trigger hurricanes, but more importantly, to change the brain waves of humans etc, etc. This is a valuable clue to understand without a shadow of doubt that mad project for the New World Order will fail. NOTE: An honest politician or the President of the Republic, as it is compromised on an emotional level I do not know, can not stop the conspiracy now also widespread among the majority of politicians and the Italian Ministry of Defence, however, if such Giorgio Napolitano would make known to the Italian people everything he knows well trying to impose on the defense minister to stop the shedding of chemtrails in the skies Italian, having him this power from the point of view of the constitution, even if George put his own life at risk and should andargli bad, for sure, in a few years now, Jehovah God will remember him. So if Giorgio Napolitano has something really good, willing and trusting in what I believe, and, despite having his hands tied, if he had done this and other maneuvers in truth, after all it could stand him in good from behind in God So many people and friends with whom I have spoken, they can not even conceive that there may still be some politician and higher role in the republic honest and well motivated, according suits these people all politicians are corrupt and only think about money, However, they have a bit of empathy to try to understand the situation could be prime minister or a president of a republic, if you openly and in the light of the sun, had acted against the now world-wide conspiracy with the intention of trying to stop some wicked maneuvers, such as chemtrails, and inform the people about the truth both internationally and nationally. I would be willing to meet on an interpersonal level with any person, provided that give me some minimum guarantees on its reasons, if any. NOTE: Today's imperialist capitalism that speaks of peace but that is based on the war, largely born by the international bankers Jews since 1700. After from war to date has come to form a mixture of various business groups, governments, armies and banks. The collapse of the system will mark a total decay of the system in all sectors, the way of thinking of ordinary people including, in addition to the destruction of the earth's surface rendered unfit to support

5)-NOTE: Maybe, The United States has admitted to a bit of time the truth about the fact that the planes ski chemtrails as the hide would have been even more disadvantageous. NOTE: When you begin to pour God's judgment on this system, the situation will be quite well-defined as to be unrecoverable in all respects, however, will take "all" of surprise, even true Christians. NOTE: Because in Italy there have been so many expensive works such as hospitals not completed? Given all the money to politicians and entrepreneurs have not felt more compelled to finish them. The citizens are robbed and cheated in every way, and yet, are still going to vote for parties that are proposed to be always changing in name only. Some good citizens who are fed up with politics but you complacent to show personality, talk to him seriously about politics? After a while may despise them, because, not consenting to their idiocy, you appear foolish in their eyes both on the national and international policy and on what position more than ever today Agree to take. NOTE: Tesla's discoveries in the field of electricity and in favor of military technologies were considered fully exploited because of maximum profit, but, as for a large amount of free energy and pollution were rejected. The leaders of the trade prefer to force the world to buy polluting energy for the presumed maximum profit, yes, now we live in a system's days are numbered. NOTE: During the war in Serbia, and not only that, several U.S. military planes have downloaded ammo you do not use contaminating the Italian coast over a lake where other people have been ill with cancer, but the Italian government is silent and does not want to spend money to clean up. NOTE: The principle should push a person to refuse or to resign, as well, by an honorable task, in which case that would be forced by others to do evil or an evil administration. Moreover, if after he resigned, he had also explained the reasons provided they are consistent and in accordance with common sense, then, the same person could have had more credibility to regain that same assignment. Yes, circumstance and resubmitted for a term "legitimate" and more long-term, unless there are complications, of course! NOTE: The various systems and services, they tend to grow worse and worse, so if a small service improves, now it may seem strange; is not it? NOTE: There is some good politician in a relative sense that the leadership of a party and/or government and/or state? You can not think of demanding perfection, moreover, generally not everything depends on him, but then, how would they behave and what they would do many ordinary people in their place? NOTE: SOME POLICE OFFICERS AND OTHER GUARDIANS OF THE ORDER THAT COMBINE TO PEACEFUL PROTESTERS CAN BE THE START OF A NEW WAY OF THINKING AND A NEW CULTURE AGAINST AN APPARENT POWER CORRUPT immovable, HOWEVER, WHAT CAN STILL BE VERY AND VERY FAR TO REMOVE THE TOTAL OF ALL THAT LOCAL MIDDLE CLASS IS CORRUPT. POLITICALLY IN THEORY AND LOBBY PEOPLE MIGHT GIVE THE ANSWER IN FACT, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS GOVERNED BY JESUS, TAKE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND LOVING RIGHT TO RESOLVE ANY PROBLEM HERE ON EARTH AND THE WAR THAT THERE WILL NEVER BE MORE OR PROFIT AS BACKGROUND unchallenged. NOTE: For many people the speeches on the scene of this world and of an evil system that governs it, are too distant and unrelated to their lives and their daily chores? However, many of us lose the time of their lives both at work and losing more time, in paying a surplus of taxes and frequently waited for the excessive bureaucracy, but, not to speak of all cancer deaths that may now be avoided and the time lost to heal, but, stopping here, the list is not over. In addition, immediately after the false cry of peace and security, an event that will occur, although many may doubt it, the scene of this world will begin to change even more quickly with the beginning of the great tribulation which, most likely, will involve all the inhabitants of this planet. Someone continues to look just in front of his nose and never has time? Well, her choice and her business! Would have been nice that a very powerful military organization in the interior of a country or of a country itself, pianificasse and implements a war aimed only to annihilate all the Jews, international bankers and part of the Illuminati, at least the most wicked, however, as in the case of Hitler and the surrender of Germany, the enlightened and/or Jewish international bankers first lapse and then be annihilated by the stretched state of the world which will become, in addition, if necessary, through the intervention of Jehovah God in the enactment of the Apocalypse. Today, the Almighty uses his earthly servants is to warn the people and governments about the blessings servant who will be a subject of the kingdom of God to warn about the impending judgment and destruction of the entire wicked system of things. NOTE: At the same time, God acts on situations to make them sit down in favor of his servants and the people well-disposed or concomitantly with what they do his earthly servants. For example, if a thing was forbidden by the Italian dictatorship, but, as enshrined in the constitution that was made in part to ensure at least a little of democracy, under the supervision of God, the right thing may prevail or be protected. NOTE: Michael Jackson (it was dissociated from witnesses but do not know the details and dirty intrigues that helped him to be a false accusation), despite having been a person of good heart, even if a bit messy from the spiritual point of view and being also a Jehovah's Witness. But Michael was being critical of the corruption of so-called enlightened and having a patent on a set of sounds that changed the world of music, from behind the scenes before the Illuminati tried to frame him twice pedophilia, but for Fortunately, knowing how to do this dirty people, the police managed to place cameras hidden in the home of Michael Jackson, then was acquitted in both cases. Later, the Illuminati have been able to procure the death of instigating the doctors due to the fact that had to be cured from a disease that made him sick, and that made him lose pigmentation, Michael being a person of color. Better not be friends with people like Bill Klinton, Barack Obama, etc, etc. For example, Obama may even have made good policy to help the poor despite being hampered, in fact, he is a business man who was made to buy, yes, often, looks can be deceiving. It is probably best not to ever even a handshake to these people at the head of the U.S.-UK neo-colonialism, because, today, and tomorrow you can be friends can bombard matters of interest. NOTE: The bomb "atomic" new generation that does not emit radioactive radiation was approved by the Geneva Convention, however, from the point of view of God, any type of weapon is not good human being was created to kill, also, much part or all of the wars waged by the USA-UK-NATO interest. NOTE: A well-established program of NATO war to get rid of governments uncomfortable though not oppressive to the people, the endless mass psychology, the disappearance of people stating that some truths that burn, murder or death from the point of view of the political leaders that collide with you weave the European Union, plus the fact that I have to suffer too many rainy days and I have to breathe even chemtrails every day in addition to smog in the hope that one day I would have to buy more medicine to cure me, pushed me to hate without reservation: Italy, the European Union, the USA-UK, as a separate economic policies. 

6)-NOTE: For some bad things happen Jewish international bankers can not be managers and advisers? But in that case they should stay out of the fund such bad things. NOTE: The Anglo-American power has no intention to pacify the people by teaching them the respect and peace and to be self-sufficient, but want to remove inconvenient to promote a peace process tailored to the Jewish international bankers and heads of corporations, which in turn reward politicians when they make a policy tailored to their bargains. The national and international politics in different states work this way. NOTE: The Anglo-American neo-colonialism could also devise to assassinate Putin by a secret group of secret agents, however, being a former KGB agent Putin, knows the way of thinking and acting CIA and SAS. NOTE: The European Union also played a double game with regard to the culture of genetically modified, because, you agree to the shedding of chemtrails in the atmosphere having a chemical composition suitable for ruining the normal cultures so that one day all nations will be forced to buy genetically modified seeds of hybrid cultures, resisting these substances in chemtrails. We talk about the smog and pollution of various kinds, however, at the highest systems is not interested in reducing pollution, in fact, they want to increase it more thinking of getting more profits in most sectors, such as: agriculture, in the hope that one day all nations depend on a multinational; more work for the drug companies because people get sick more and is forced to buy more medicine, and after that some die as well, there are too many on this earth, from the point of view of the Illuminati, of course. From this it follows, that all the speeches made by the corrupt policies on clean energy are all hypocrites, moreover, there is a willingness to switch to clean energy on a large scale, on the contrary, those who propose ingenious solutions, is now done outside getting rid of her discovery, of this I am 100% sure. NOTE: For Italy: If People's Lobby aims to do a honest politics, as you probably would have done if he had won a majority government and would have to be willing to abandon both the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance, as, if you are bound by these covenants or do not obey the directives unjust or need to get out. However, because the Italian people tremendously diverted from mass psychology, difficult movement to be able to get the People's Lobby govern Italy. In recent years, that there could be this wicked system of things, the greatest hope for Trieste at the moment would be to be administered by Russia or Austria as a free state. NOTE: Sometimes, watching a clear sky and almost completely clear you can be able to see chemtrails that spread and remain visible for much longer than normal jet contrails that can often last only a few seconds, depending on the wind There is at high altitude, etc, etc. NOTE: A real shame and so extremely evil act on the part of the Illuminati in Italy and still want to hide the truth about chemtrails and also having murdered a few people who have given a valid witness about chemtrails to a broad audience. Today, as we speak so much about democracy, human rights, the desire to punish war crimes, etc, etc, we are living in the worst dictatorships that have ever existed in the cost of human history, also, the final results will lead to a tribulation far superior to that suffered by many people in the 40's and the following decade that killed 50 million, and later, due to the devastation of the war, more death due to hunger and pestilence. Some may already nose to sniff out a reality almost normal to the fact that the whole system of things is going to be destroyed as the twin towers full of asbestos in 2001. (If it was agreed to demolish, it should have been done in another way limiting to the maximum inhalation of the deadly dust, yes, the building with asbestos due to its good qualities against heat and fire, but, having been a mistake of the past, not only in the U.S. but almost all over the industrialized world or who has benefited.) NOTE: Yugoslavia ruled by Tito probably had the best army compared to all other European countries, also, Yugoslavia existed up to 80 years, acted as a buffer between the URS and the West governed by Anglo-American neo-colonialism which has now become his own worst enemy, and yet, so many people stupid and touted, still give reason and/or are still rooting for the United States and believe that the towers are going down because of the planes. However, if the neutrality of higher quality than that of Switzerland, with a position in favor of Jehovah God, is the best choice and far more: wise, just and loving. Interests side to side, though, big blessings and benefits there will be for those who love God and submits to Christ. NOTE: Immediately before or a moment after the false cry of peace and security would have been better not to be alive unless you have the likely approval from Jehovah God, or, as the Bible says, taking place on the front of the seal of Christ as the sign in order to be saved at the end of the great tribulation. Also, if a person approved by God to be just died during the great tribulation, later, would have been immediately brought back to life by Jehovah God is the great tribulation will be a hard time to even test for the faithful servants of God, with the hope of to live forever on earth. In serving God, you are not slaves, but men truly free, since Jehovah instructs us for our own good and actually any good thing we do, is not something that we give to God if not for the fact that I have to please position in his favor. Everything we have, including our own lives, is from Jehovah the God who gave part of his boundless energy dynamics to create the physical universe by the many clusters of galaxies and the universe as we know it. NOTE: I am aware that the only hope for the individual, for his family and for those who hear him, is to take a position in favor of Jehovah God, and then, in speaking of intercontinental missiles against the U.S.-UK and/or against the positions of the same enlightened, and, hoping that they will at the time of the bombing, or, better yet, several military expeditions in disguise to eliminate all lit up in favor of the conspiracy, all powerful politicians are too corrupt, the most powerful manufacturers and arms dealers and military commanders, above all, I express my complete disagreement with the current corrupt capitalism and USA-UK neo-colonialism, now visibly sunk. However, a targeted response and heavy war, all or part of these rogues, if they should be. Probably their safe and inexorable punishment and collapse will begin only after the cry of peace and security, as I expressed myself countless times, and so, they are 100% sure that a Vittorio Sgarbi would kill me if only it had been forced to read all these reps about the impending judgment and some hanging on the maximum systems that govern the world. NOTE: Especially at the central level parliamentarians from various parties appear divided and recite pantomime bickering in parliament also to try to give some semblance of democracy to the citizens, but behind the scenes they are friends, they go to eat pizza together, recommend and arrange to organize coupons and shady dealings to their own advantage and for the benefit of banks and some large employers. There may be less common in cahoots between the various parties, however, when a candidate for mayor of a large city average and wins the election campaign, celebrating like crazy for all that you can eat in addition to the already too high salary. The Stability Pact launched by Monti and which is still in force, it also aims to curb this tendency to steal from many politicians and local entrepreneurs, however, that the Stability Pact, the continuous increase of taxes, the seigniorage always more pressing banks, are all things that are killing the Italian economy, and not only. Today, a communal work of any kind can cost up to ten times as much as the right and necessary cost, if not more so, in short, are all more or less stealing, politicians, some business owners, etc, etc.. Many public works are poorly made and last for less and some of these are not carried out or not carried out almost from the beginning of the work. Matteo Renzi in his maybe try to do something positive about having their hands tied and at least seem to have managed to reduce the salaries of gold, namely, that the salary of any public employee, it is also an executive with more than one position, not can perceive more than 250 thousand Euros per year; more than anything else a bit of good not only in appearance. Yes, we live in a world corrupted completion, where everyone thinks about himself and where now and its way of thinking on the part of politicians and people in general, it is quite distorted and deflected. NOTE: At the beginning of the Italian Republic seems that some laws to promote democracy and hinder corruption, so to speak, are now been put in the drawer. Obviously, in the 70 politicians from stealing less time, being less high public debt and as there is less competition, etc, etc, long speech, you could still be good, but, today steals and robs tomorrow for years and decades, now, we arrived at the situation we're in now, that is, too many taxes for all citizens and entrepreneurs from 54% up to 75% tax. NOTE: Today, of, money is no longer merely a convenient medium of exchange, but by the though and maximum systems mostly a way to keep people busy and make her work and buy more, but, never have the time to think and reflect on more important things. NOTE: In respect of the politicians at the top, for some things and situations, perhaps, you may have to have a little of empathy, ie, empathize with their situation and think about the risks that could run these politicians if you put against and denounce the public the current world conspiracy arising from Anglo-American neo-colonialism, the bad European policy with Germany, which controls and corruption within the Italian policy bought by the big banks, etc, etc. NOTE: Even if sometimes it falls a few heads and/or some politician a little less comfortable that acts as a scapegoat, the people is one that loses more and more. NOTE: There are people with a normal job that not even speak to me, feeling perhaps too noble to waste only a few tens of seconds to talk to me; and after, they say that clothes do not make the Monaco. And, as if it does not, today, the dress and habit according to current or counter-current makes the whole monaco.  

7)-In many analyzes, positive and negative comments, etc, etc, which I did on politics, I do not want to give the impression of siding with anyone, and no part of both local and national politics and international level, however, the primary purpose of all these comments policy is: to show how the magnifying glass that the current political and social world is ruled by Satan the devil, yes, a single ruler in spite of the many divisions and conflicts at various levels and territories. NOTE: A discussion and information on the international political scene and likely future world in the short term to 360 °: September 11, 2001, chemtrails, the Anglo-American neo-colonialism, the Biblical prophecies about our time related to international politics, etc, etc. all topics covered in the first post of this blog. NOTE: (Politics in Time of War): The moral sense and understanding of what right should lead anyone to open their eyes to look around and, in addition to its nose, and well, not being slaves to do the bidding of their leader when you know that these translate into crimes against humanity. Yes, obedience to a higher authority should always be human relative, yes, even by a loyalist, it is for sure, in the 40s there was the hand of Satan in causing many of the faithful not to listen to the simi-consciousness but to be blind. NOTE: DESPITE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE PEACE THAT HAS SUFFERED TOO MUCH LESS ADVANTAGEOUS GERMANY, THE SAME, HITLER COULD DO YOU WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND ALSO TAKE THE ETHNIC CLEANING AND ELIMINATION OF DISABLED PEOPLE AND/OR HELD ON USELESS TIME IN THE FIELDS OF DEATH AND/WHERE, ETC, ETC, HOWEVER, "MAYBE" TRYING TO CONQUER THE ONLY TOO MANY LOST TERRITORIES IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR, BUT AFTER MAKING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATE ON THE MONEY AND HAVING PULLED ON THE ECONOMY AS SPECIFICALLY MADE. NOTE: Some war criminals knew that if their country had capitulated, if the view would be bad for agreeing to follow orders from an evil king committing crimes against humanity; Similarly, some wicked thrive and/or support in this wicked system know that their time to act is running out. NOTE: In time of war, even if it is a so-called democratic country, it is normal that some laws are much more stringent, and, up to the death penalty. NOTE: For the overthrow of an evil power, generally it has always been the people to suffer the greatest consequences, since it is unlikely that the parties of power subject to the policy do fall, if evil and/or if too much and hopelessly corrupt. In addition, in the case of the revolution, even after the shedding of blood is dependent on the people that some wicked and individual scapegoats of the previous power, after the people has often been deceived because of the many political evil power that previous, simply, they had to change the flag to return to politics, and, not seldom, having undergone few, late or no consequence, of course, some capital punishment or even death at the hands of people a people that has suffered. NOTE: Better to trust in Christ and politics: TODAY FOR THE STUDY FOCUSED IN THE BIBLE CAN HELP A PERSON LIKE A GOD TO CONSIDER SOMETHING REAL. THE MILLENNIUM OF CHRIST "ALL" MUST STUDY AND TEACHING THE STREETS OF JEHOVAH GOD, AND ALSO, WHAT WILL BE THE NEW ROLLS bestowed. KNOWLEDGE IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, TO THE EXTENT THAT THERE WILL BE, WILL BE USED IN HARMONY WITH THE WILL OF GOD. (Yes, if the individual wants to live and live in a world of love, will choose to obey God). NOTE: It's easier to get used to the convenience, though not always healthy for the environment and/or health, however, to turn back because the comfort and/or having to undergo drastic changes in their way of living daily, it can be much more difficult and painful. Those who have decided to serve Christ in the right way, and also, in view of the new world, should get used immediately or as soon as possible to obey and to express confidence in the provisions issued by the theocratic Christ. Well in the new world, for those who will pass and who will be resurrected, there will be changes to the initial and follow-faced, and well, the earth will be changed and rearranged, and the man who would learn to live in harmony with nature and second theocratic arrangement. NOTE: The fanatical idiots who do idol of a historical character or particularly evil that has made many mistakes, like Hitler, Mussolini and Totorina are generally stupid, discriminatory with a certain degree of malice in his heart. Note: AN EQUATION ON THE SCENE OF THIS WORLD: (BANKERS MULTINATIONAL MORE MORE POLITICS) (STA NATURE MORE PEOPLE) SCORPIO AS IS FROG. MORAL OF ADDRESS: AND WHEN YOU DIE SINKING THE FROG ALSO THE SCORPION succumbs. Note: The nature that rebels and wars are fruits of man who refused God's guidance and, at first, unknowingly subjecting themselves to the Devil. Humanity that beginning with the tree from which you do not have to draw, was the most noble and loving disposition that the man suffered, along with others that could have been followed. NOTE: "ALL" HITLER KNEW THAT WAS EVIL AND TODAY THERE IS STILL A LOT OF "ADVERTISING" HISTORICAL AND REMEMBER NOT TO REDO THE SAME MISTAKE AND LEARN FROM HISTORY, BUT, THE DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES SUCH AS GLOBAL CAPITALIST AND MARKETING, HAVE LEARNED FROM HISTORY? POLICY IN FAVOUR OF BANKS, THE SCORPION, THE FROG IS DOING TO DIE, AND THEN, BOTH WILL DIE, AND THE PEOPLE THAT BANKS AND POLITICS. THE FALSE PEACE PROCESS AND SAFETY headed INTERNATIONAL BANKERS IN PART, WILL BE ONE OF THE FACTORS THAT WILL BRING THE CURRENT POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEM IN PROGRESSIVE COLLAPSE AND DESTRUCTION, WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF RECOVERY. THE TRUE PEACE AND SECURITY WILL NOT BE REACHED WITH THE CURRENT POLICY OF INTEREST AND FEAR driven by BANKERS AND THE MULTINATIONAL WITH THE FRUITS OF SUSPECTED ENEMY, THE WARS "REQUIRED", ALWAYS, WITH INTEREST FOR BANKS, WHICH lord ALSO ON ALL PEOPLE, BUT THE PEOPLE AND NATIONS SHOULD LEARN THE PEACE, LOVE AND MUTUAL RESPECT IS A MENTAL LEVEL THAT IN THEIR HEARTS. TRICK THE MAJORITY AND NOT exploit LONG WILL SERVE, EVERYONE, EVEN THE LEADERS BEHIND THE SCENES, reap the rewards ACCORDING TO WHAT YOU HAVE SEEDED. THEREFORE, YOU BANKERS, WHEN THE UN shout "PEACE AND SAFETY" ACHIEVED NOT be filled with GLORIA; Ragged REACHED FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD, MAY LAST 48 HOURS LITERAL IF NOT LESS. THE POLITICAL LEADER "KILL" THE "PROSTITUTE" expropriating ALL GOODS, BUT THEN, IS THE POLICY THAT COMMERCIAMI, INCLUDING BANKERS, repent FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS WHILE THE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEM WILL GRADUALLY TO SHATTER. WHEN shall these things BRAVO "MARIO MONTI" MAY STILL BE ALIVE! IN CERTAIN RESPECTS TO SAY, AT FINANCIAL MARIO MONTI, is WORSE OF HITLER, OLTRETUTTO, THAT MARIO IS AN EVIL HYPOCRITICAL THAT IF THEY PRETEND DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP AND A LEVEL FINANCIAL. AND I, I WOULD NOT HAVE ABSOLUTELY WANTED TO BE BORN IN 40 YEARS, THE ONLY IDEA WAS MADE ME FEAR AND, I HAVE ALWAYS HAD A SPEECH AGAINST THOSE who remembered SO POSITIVE THE INVASION OF GERMANS IN TRIESTE, EVEN IF THEN THE FREE TERRITORY You PAST UNDER THE DICTATORSHIP OF ITALIAN THAT SINCE THE BEGINNING YOU PRETEND THE DEMOCRATIC ALTHOUGH PERHAPS DECADES AGO WAS A LITTLE LESS WORSE, OF COURSE! And, OF TODAY, PURE POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS STRONGLY DISAGREE THAT REMEMBER SOME GOOD THINGS MADE BY MUSSOLINI, THOUGH, WERE MANY ERRORS. YES, THE SHAPE IS CHANGED, BUT THE SUBSTANCE IS NOT CHANGED FROM TIME COMPARED TO THAT OF 40 YEARS! THE FALSE PEACE PROCESS AND SAFETY headed INTERNATIONAL BANKERS IN PART, AND CONSEQUENCES WILL BRING A TRIBULATIONS FAR WORSE THAN THOSE OF 40 YEARS, OF COURSE, THERE WILL BE DIFFERENT IMPACTS AND PUSH IN CONJUNCTION onset of GREAT TRIBULATION GLOBALLY: Matthew 24: 21-23. NOTE: The generation that is about to expire, probably made up of people approved by God, can understand the time period between the first and the second world war, also, there must be a compensation in the poorest countries who were disadvantaged with regard to preaching and teaching the good news; in addition to the speech of the point of no return to the earth's surface in maintaining the various forms of life due to mismanagement on the part of man, and, etc, etc. NOTE: Coming to today, since 1914 (the first and the second world war), up to now, you can be assured that deliverance from God is very close, as in the two world wars, there was kingdom against kingdom and nation against nation. Two wars far more destructive, and with extensive involvement of a large part of the population to support the war and suffering, much more than in the past. But today, a type of nuclear third world war could wipe out all of humanity, or nearly so, moreover, with the survivors of the atomic bomb shelters, etc, but not for the blessing of Jehovah God, and then, before that happens, god intervene in human affairs substantially. NOTE: The judgment may seem that much more later than the time when it was destroyed the city of Jerusalem in the year 70 of the Common Era, however, was at that time included mainly the judgment of a single nation, but today, in our time the judgment must be poured out upon all nations and peoples of the earth, and therefore, the amount of work for the fulfillment of Matthew 24: 14 is much more immense, and considering other factors as well, it's just that the time available (so to speak, in the good world of the Devil and the time left to Satan), is longer. (Good in the sense that those who have not yet made the necessary steps and being already the world ruled by Satan, you still have time to take a stand for God and be saved, and this is just my reasoning, but nothing more). NOTE: The technology, the so-called democracy in many countries, globalization, the apparent well-being of the population worldwide, may have favored the emergence and strengthening of these merchants traveling so large, and probably, Jehovah God has also taking account of these factors, to and during the time of the end, in the calculation of its time schedule for bringing the review of this wicked system of things. But, for the individual or for the family, it is important to take a stand in favor of Jehovah God before the expiration of the time, ie, before the cry of peace and security and/or prior to the banning of suits false religions. Probably, in the course of the struggle universal, God allows, to a certain extent, Satan and his collaborators to have access to all the tools that have been created over the course of the story being false religions made by men and opportunists believe in the spirit of Satan, and therefore, these being the tools that Satan as an opponent and rebellious to God uses to mislead mankind. But, who allows God to give you a good answer on his behalf in giving Satan a liar, can obtain salvation surviving the destruction of this wicked system of things, but even then it is not finished the course in order to obtain life eternal, however, being passed a tough test: Matthew 24: 21-23. But, why this long route to get eternal life? To be solved, the universal strife between Jehovah and Satan made perfect humanity, the same level as Adam and Eve, he shall surely be put to the test by Satan and demons at the end of the millennium, however, there may be a test without having to suffer but that will play the love of each individual. (An observation that a non-expert on the Bible could hardly be done, however, I have exposed the same, you, as there is more than one reason for doing it). Of course, as the anointed with the heavenly hope receive immortality in the twinkling of an eye only after a short trial period as men to become immediately, or after a waiting not perceived, spiritual creatures, it may take a lot of humility and love God in agreeing to make the long journey before you can obtain eternal life here on earth, however, life will be very beautiful and satisfying for both the angels and for the land. NOTE: For many people the speeches on the scene of this world and of an evil system that governs it, are too distant and unrelated to their lives and their daily chores? However, many of us lose the time of their lives both at work and losing more time, in paying a surplus of taxes and frequently waited for the excessive bureaucracy, but, not to speak of all cancer deaths that may now be avoided and the time lost to heal, but, stopping here, the list is not over. In addition, immediately after the false cry of peace and security, an event that will occur, although many may doubt it, the scene of this world will begin to change even more quickly with the beginning of the great tribulation which, most likely, will involve all the inhabitants of this planet. Someone continues to look just in front of his nose and never has time? Well, her choice and her business! NOTE: It would be quite a blow, not only for me, but mostly it is most important that people make a general idea and a little more precise, without being deflected more, by writing on the internet such as: type these words colored anti spam to verify that you are not robots, (which now has a man-made robot can not do), or an alien! These instructions to access a site, and the like can instill a lot of people the idea that the aliens in the flesh are ruling the world in view of a new order, but, as yet another notorious s-trick by international bankers Jews. Unfortunately, the "enlightened" are very advanced in their propaganda superfine and pure in their cunning which is much taller and thinner than that of many psychologists, psychiatrists, and, for many politicians. NOTE: These writings along with many others that are popular on the internet could lead to the development of the great tribulation in the sense that, after the cry of peace and security, since the banning of false religions, and, in conjunction with the most problematic, the majority of the population in all countries will be forced to rebel at the highest systems thanks to the knowledge gained from the information on the internet and the preaching of the good news that happens even in our days. It is true that Satan rules the world but also the Christ reigns in the midst of his enemies, and therefore, the military and intelligence agents may be wholly or partially prevented in doing some obscure news and information on the internet. Yes, citizens with taxes support an unjust system that is also the enemy. NOTE: These writings along with many others that are popular on the internet could lead to the development of the great tribulation in the sense that, after the cry of peace and security, since the banning of false religions, and, in conjunction with the most problematic, the majority of the population in all countries will be forced to rebel at the highest systems thanks to the knowledge gained from the information on the internet and the preaching of the good news that happens even in our days. It is true that Satan rules the world but also the Christ reigns in the midst of his enemies, and therefore, the military and intelligence agents may be wholly or partially prevented in doing some obscure news and information on the internet. Yes, citizens with taxes support an unjust system that is also the enemy. NOTE: In my daily life, using the computer of the town, I undergo a damage being my key virus-infected Elena, do not go into details, but I can not know which user has the key infected in order to help both him and me and others users of the service. However, the operators of the ordinary working in these libraries and newspaper libraries, although too numerous and too expensive for the community, are obsessed by the privacy rules and the fear that they might lose their jobs, and therefore, these operators think only to themselves, but, not having at heart the interest of users that allow them to work. Moral discourse from small to medium and to the greatest? There are so many rules picky about privac and a way of thinking that make corruption and criminality in politics as untouchable, public employees who think only of their work being pawns in a system, citizens increasingly oppressed by unjust rules and increasing taxes, and finally, the enlightened society that prepare the entry into force of the New World Order. Going back to my daily life, I can not even know which user was before me on the computer number 1, where appropriate, to communicate with him and try to put things right, as, is the rule of privac one way. However, Roberto Cosolini and his gang are not subject to privac towards citizens and citizens groups, some examples: the mayor can make big cut healthy trees to reduce the maintenance costs of the municipality, the local PD in cahoots with Rome can be removed work to make the city less and less competitive the port of Trieste, (if it is true that the information I have received, but it probably is), the gang of Cosolini can work behind the scenes to bring forth a child to a disadvantaged family and then give it to the mayor of Aquileia, (I admit, inasmuch as it was a family that possibly could have been suggested before, helped by psychological and economical if any was a need, and only then, remove the first and second child, ie, only if the situation was beyond repair and for the same well of the two children, who seem not to have them both at all happy with the situation they are facing and the fact that he could not live with their parents. The gang Roberto Cosolini probably hired hackers to steal the Facebook page of the Movement for the Free Territory of Trieste, Francesco Russo, the PD has slandered movement to be subversive and to hold guns and rifles, etc, etc, the list goes on. Among the too many taxes in the service of the banks and the corrupt politics, between social control and good business that also divide families, the illicit affair almost always allowed to politicians, etc, etc, in Italy, although it is not Trieste Italy, we citizens live under a real dictatorship disguised in democracy awfully hypocritical. Really and truly speaking: I can not wait to shout that the United Nations peace and security and a declaration that the institution in the New World Order, because, from the momentary and sudden turn, the whole world system will fall immediately into great tribulation, will collapse on itself and a little later what remains will be destroyed directly by the angels who serve Jehovah God, the Apocalypse or Revelation 19: 19-21. NOTE: Jehovah God will not allow the earth with his whole life can be transformed into a SPA, also, the same tera is not nearly as capable of supporting the greedy capitalism expressed by the nations. The earth has the aim of will allow humans to enjoy life, and not some business groups may prevail permanently on the majority of the world population, in addition, the land has been designed so that man may worship God, obey him and be happy with good aims and goals in life, is a life without end. NOTE: Anyone who spends himself in favor of God's purpose, and perhaps also the politician who had spoken out against the conspiracy and had taken a position in favor of Jehovah, it may be remembered by God at the beginning of the millennium, and, even if it die for opposing the conspiracy of neo-colonialism USA UK. Yes, a great and unimaginable rewards for those who make a wise, just and loving.

8)-NOTA: In the analysis and considerations that I do, although I apocalyptic, I'm feel not a pessimist, but a realist! NOTE: Even with irony and funny science fiction and apparently too great, etc, etc, you can do mass psychology, for example, to express the thought that God does not exist, and therefore, more and more people get used to live as if it were the only reality capitalism, money and science. NOTE: (Normal practice by governments and businessmen obsessed by the war: some harmful things in secret until they are discovered, later, presented with false shutters and shades gradually and increasingly also to induce people to accept them aware with more resignation and almost as normal, and perhaps, not so much harmful pointing to more informed presumed secondary reasons.) Probably, the alleged secondary reasons though also of a military nature, are intended to mislead the people and perhaps the same governments and politicians who show themselves obedient to the United States, and therefore, the main reason for the spread chemtrails is very likely that to reduce the population, not being a cheaper third world war. (This polluted air, breathe the politicians too, of course). The governments adhering to the Atlantic Alliance is not interested in anything of the population. The lives of the citizens must be in the right number, from the point of view from the Two Chief World Systems, and every inhabitant of the earth must be a consumer and a slave laborer in a capitalist controlled more than 13 families. (Probably, not all the components present in each family of so-called enlightened operate in evil and to control the world, but of the people in each of these "13" families.) NOTE: the international bankers were only a few times for the main planners of the war, but they were being especially any financial backers, would do well not to support more and/or not having anything to do with the Anglo-American neo-colonialism which is bringing humanity to a serious consequence, the great tribulation and the collapse of the system with the death of most of humanity. NOTE: But, the international Jewish bankers financing of the wars of the U.S.-UK neo-colonialism planning harmful things only when their interests are threatened? The whole crew should consist of roughly: the governments of the USA-UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc, etc, the Pentagon and other armies, the CIA and other intelligence, the heads of multinational corporations and the bankers, the Vatican and some of the other false religions involved in big business? Probably, the most responsible, including planners and executors run big business are: the arms manufacturers, sellers of weapons, the army and the government of the US- UK and other NATO countries. But, what matters most is the existence of a powerful gang purveyor of business, interlacing and interdependence of powers at the international level which the Bible describes as the three major powers, namely: the kings of the earth, NOTE: Disabled in a wheelchair and at the same time if unproductive, being in a small minority, probably not a big deal for the enlightened. Despite being like Hitler, the Anglo-American neo-colonialism seeks to be more refined and diplomatic especially against people of culture who do not see or hear or do not live locally targeted and fought. NOTE: Having aluminum powder, viruses, etc, etc, chemtrails have also aims to bring down the older population seen that aluminum promotes the onset of Alzheimer's and other diseases that damage the brain. In fact, today's capitalism, greedy and based on the war is the worst enemy of the whole history of mankind six thousand years ago until today, and nothing but propaganda against communism and as if it were always the enemy number one. NOTE: The destructive USA-UK neo-colonialism is felt more and more foolproof for both the alliance gained with more and more countries for conspiring good part of the political fabric of both the United States that some of the most important allies also planned for the many situations at the table, created and guided to completion as needed, etc, etc.. Evidently, God Almighty to show up at the bottom of the universal contention is forced to wait until the man begins to self-destruct but God put an end to the proceedings before the destruction of all flesh dies. The Apocalypse will be a just war and selective Moreover, the faithful dead before and during the great tribulation will be brought back to life, plus, the many unjust that died during the course of human history. NOTA: The Illuminati, the U.S. military, the CIA, etc, etc, together ruin mankind and the earth, but also the ostracism damage to themselves by destroying the system from which they have sustenance, it is as if they were already destroying themselves with their own hands. NOTE: Chemtrails have entered the sphere of interest of the same chemical companies that produce them and other parties involved in the deal? (Of course, being a thing that can weigh on the gadget of the state). So, for the city can be even more difficult to ask the state enemy, at least not intentionally operate causing harm to the health of the citizen to obey the U.S. and the "good" business. But, slowly, slowly and gradually, we realize how far we came by the will of the hypocrites that call themselves democratic countries? These "democratic" countries, in the presence of thoughtful people and they do not want to deceive themselves and others, are proving to be worse than any dictatorship ever existed in the past, also, today there are many more rules and prohibitions, however, in part understandable seen life more complex and detailed than ever before to the advent of various technologies and industrial age. NOTE: The controls of the CIA even in the center of Nuclear Physics Miramare, shows to what degree the Anglo-American neo- colonialism has invaded Europe with the excuse of the apparent cooperation and alliance with the Atlantic pact. However, the U.S. itself are full of nuclear weapons and yet having a beam in the eye go to look at the speck in the eyes of other countries. But the United States could say: we are the world and we know the sheriff handle nuclear weapons in favor of international security! However, most of the wars of interest, are not perpetuated by the United States? Also, you can not say that the national territory of the United States is constantly threatened by the military point of view! Indeed, if the United States to renounce their false peace process, being militarily powerful, maybe, in 20 years they would not have undergone any military threat and attack by other countries, is not it? Obviously for the U.S. war and death are a bargain, but do not do evil is the supreme goal, however, doing so in large proportions. NOTA: The conspiracy of neo-colonialism Anglo American has made the majority of citizens and misguided idiots? They feel increasingly omnipotent despite the damage to nature and a growing discontent among the population? But, the usual refrain, after peace and well taken maximum security systems will realize they were wrong, and then you realize that it could not indefinitely andargli good and bad things sown, sooner or later, had to be harvested. NOTE: Today-in, are the major European broadcasters who lie and presenting events in a partial and false hues, while the powerful Russian television are much more accurate, truthful and derailed, in explaining the events; For example, the instability in the Crimea was caused by "fascists" instigated by the CIA, also, the house where so many people have taken refuge, has not caught fire on its own, but was burned by these "fascist," and, as the people fled, they bought the fascists began to shoot at it. The European televisions have news for Putin to appear as the bad guy, but, in fact, opposing Russia and paying back the power with the Anglo American same currency. The USA-UK want to dominate the world by destabilizing and destroying and removing sovereignty possibly in all states, and often, creating disorder in most countries can not uncomfortable and/or rich in energy resources and raw materials. The destructive behavior of USA-UK is what more than anything else is bringing the nations to the great tribulation. Yes, Americans want to destabilize, divide and destroy for their alleged obsession and mission for the introduction of the New World Order that the cry of peace and security could govern almost all over the world, but instead of delivering the entire globe to bankers International Jews and heads of multinational corporations, the US-UK are bringing the whole system according to the September 11, 2001. prosperity for the people and those who govern them is the port building, not devastating to dominate the people, make them pay heavy interest and after seizing the resources of the countries where it has built. Today, the European countries have become slaves of the USA and behave as if America had the freedmen by Hitler, but, is it true? In the Second World War on Russia lost 27 million people while America has lost 600 000, Russia has suffered much destruction while the U.S. has suffered little devastation also went to war as soon as they fear that the 44 Europe went all in Russia and the fact that Germany and Japan have declared war. NOTE: Many mayors Italian, Roberto Cosolini for Trieste, no Italy, are likely to be favorable to the New World Order in which knowledge of the hidden truths of the Sept. 11, 2001. This possibility with the mayor of Trieste deduced from some things that I did not, however, go into details being matter of relative importance. By now, the conspiracy on the part of Anglo-American neo-colonialism invaded almost all the policies of many countries in central and local allies militarily. NOTE: According to the policy, in part, from behind the scenes of the Illuminati, the poor individuals and/or unproductive should be taken out of the way, but in them disappear, there must be a gain, ditto, with regard to the elimination of governments uncomfortable, however, also the surface of the entire planet is becoming increasingly unproductive, moreover, chemtrails have also meant to ruin the normal cultures to favor the monopoly of transgenic hybrid cultures so that all the people are forced to buy seed every time. After the cry of peace and security, even though many of us believe, after elimination of all false religions, the people will rebel against the governments and the system not only for the banning of religions, but also as the highest systems have ruled the world, and atria These factors coincide completely overturn the situation which now escape from the hands of 90 pieces of capitalism and finance. They were wrong! NOTE: Separately, wars, pollution, degradation of the environment, and everything else, the mere fact that the political movements in power or majority, and, also, and above all the great systems, they are willing to kill just to sidetrack public opinion, it means that nations and international organizations in favor of the New World Order are completely unreliable, even if they did not want to hurt us for the sake of trying to do it and also pleasure. NOTE: Today's wicked system of things, considering: chemtrails; deforestation with immediate high profits, but of short duration; not wanting to effectively treat tumors, but, on the contrary, cause wanting them; the issue regarding the alleged immunodeficiency disease for which, if there really may have been spread on purpose; the problem of greenhouse gases; the war as a good deal has priority over everything else; the exploitation of peoples and the poor people with less ability to defend themselves legally, and also the elimination of the poor; etc, etc, for logic are part of a system which will last intended to collapse in a few years. NOTE: The big bankers at the top of the pyramid, and not only that, they do not need to have money, because if they want something they can get for themselves by creating accounts access codes. The money yesterday were a normal, comfortable and convenient medium of exchange, but, today, are a means to control people, push it work and making it dependent, because today we need to live almost an absolute need the money. NOTE: The same quality of life of the enlightened can be fallen in some respects and, although it is very exclusive and luxurious and surrounded by every possible good material. Conform his life only because of the essential things can fall by the very joy of living, but by adding a certain degree of stress and anxiety. NOTE: The apparent well-being of the people charged in the richest countries can play in favor of the policy of the international bankers, because if people are apparently more powerful than good, it is more difficult to overthrow the system that governs, however, beginning of the great tribulation will not be so, but, things will only get worse. (They are people like us in good part with needs similar to ours, however, they are no excused them and us when farciamo the wrong things for selfish or corrupt if we allow ourselves to be in the dark big that in our small.) NOTA: Russia is also partly dependent on the world's most powerful bank in Frankfurt? Nevertheless, Russia could the same raze it to the ground without warning with a missile, perhaps, immediately after yet another low blow by the international bankers and corrupt international policy of the West. However, Vladimir Putin seems to be a bit more good and cautious against these scoundrels obsessed and willing to do anything to promote the introduction of the New World Order according to the will and guidance of Satan. NOTE: Russia since the end of the cold war, perhaps, has become better than the US-UK, however, in the movies, more often, the enemies or the Russians look like the bad guys? Taking the example of the Second World War and the soldiers of different nations, a visa optics in general: Russian soldiers were the most common sense and good morals; sometimes the German soldiers tortured and were ruthless but generally in war missions were often essential and followed orders; British soldiers before stealing, raping and then performed after the mission according to the received command; Italian soldiers were sent into the fray without adequate equipment and clothes because some greedy officials who wanted to profit, while the soldiers and/or fascist squads were composed mostly by individuals who felt sadistic pleasure in suffering and death in fix of the ways that many people can not even imagine. Three horrific examples: a nine year old girl was raped and Greek from the first general and then by dozens of Italian soldiers to bleed to death with the rape that continued even after the death of the child, because the soldiers wanted to exploit the situation with maximum of greed because in war could be rare to be with a woman. A woman was hanging with breasts that were nailed to the wall, dying and bleeding to death with excruciating pain, while another woman to have her breasts put in a drawer, and later, a German or a ruthless fascist kicked strong on the tray by cutting the breast of a woman who bled to death in excruciating pain. A cut of this kind is much more painful than that inflicted by a knife. If a Russian soldier he had in front of these sadistic fascists, he would shoot him immediately on his head, and end. Of course, many people who attended and/or survived the atrocities of the fascists to mono (very violent in the 20s, a little calm down in the 30s, and again violent during the Second World War) and/or the Germans, after have become completely anti-fascist and anti-Nazi, and yet, in recent decades many people have praised the Fascists and the Nazis. That said, it is wrong and evil is what Hitler did, but also what they are doing international Jewish bankers. NOTE: In part, it was not wrong by Berlusconi said that the economy had positive signs to encourage people to work and not let go, and, so to speak, the economy falling into a vicious circle; however, each person should have a balanced view of the work is to avoid falling into poverty is not giving anything to society when you are able to do that for you not to become-keys work, also, the current banking system and political tend to exploit more and more citizens and who devote their time to work, yes, a good chunk of their existence. Obviously, although there are these side effects with respect to work in Italy, most of the negative things did not depend on the government of Berlusconi. Mario Monti, while having also done something wrong, not so much, gave even more hand to these negative trends, of course, since it was the only prime minister to favor them. NOTE: The political-perishable think in his heart, if I do not accept their money, the bankers will give to another political risk and I made ​​it out to be. With this type of situation over many decades the international bankers have acquired the power they have today. Some rich people are better than a lot of poor people who otherwise not have been able to give nothing, however, not all rich people have done good to others in doing good to themselves. (From the practical side of the rich is more than able to offer to the poor, but if his heart is generous). The international bankers violate this principle: let us do good to others to do something good for ourselves. Yes, if, as some call it, the conspiracy theory is consistent, the version most logical and/or according to what the Bible says for our age, generally after having weighed I believe, of course, I do not consider myself infallible, sometimes I'm wrong and I know I can fall victim to some hoax like everyone else, the important thing is to fall into it as little as possible and having the general reasoning in accordance with the truth, not according to the strange ways of thinking superior in appearance but in fact corresponding to a handful of flies. NOTA: Among the many who do evil and between the idiots that obey him, the international bankers Jews in encouraging pharmaceutical companies are even willing to let us come to different kinds of diseases, including tumors, and especially through the chemtrails left in heaven. The reason that chemtrails serve to counteract the melting of glaciers, if it were real, however, it would be of secondary or tertiary importance. (To the enlightened him more interested in their project and the domination of the world, perhaps, thinking of being always on time to preserve the land in relation to the continuation of their business, but not over!) NOTE: The fool has to suffer in silence, to be exploited and stripped of his possessions, while the unproductive and the fool shall be deleted, and not only from the point of view of the enlightened, but also by many ordinary people and neighbors who stand as enemies. But often, they are the worst enemies in a suit and tie. NOTE: Over time there may have been some experiments on human beings, I do not know with what results, also, "thank you" to the harmful chemical trails left by planes, it is possible to fabricate the part of avvistanti UFO. Although there are some well established and actually confirmed about the aliens, apart from the discourse of what type and origin are different species or races of aliens, the payment of the net much more information on this topic, as well as the idea that the human species has been planted on earth by aliens, are largely spurious and misleading news according to the will of the Illuminati. In addition, the tropes points of view at some point create confusion and frustration, and so, after so many people think the truth will never be known! NOTE: But, it is possible that the man was cultivated by aliens to live and multiply on the earth? And then, according to this interpretation, the man would not have been created by Jehovah God, as it says the Bible, and the noun god, that is the word elohim, in the hypothetical right translation, it means aliens in the plural. If intelligent people, with super advanced technology in order to make interstellar travel, they landed on earth, for logic, they would begin to populate well as keeping knowledge and technology already available to them! What interest could there be in cultivating a new breed of intelligent acconsentendogli populate the earth having to start from scratch with the progress? Aliens of this type would have been too freaked out, yes, the thing itself is impossible to 100%. NOTE: It is no always easy to understand the operation of the entire environment at the international level with its nuances more or less important often connected to each other, however, knowing the truth contained in the Bible and talking to the right people, you may be able to have a overview enough quality. NOTE: Some small errors of interpretation on the part of Jehovah's Witnesses in the course of time, most, some common discourse very well established, they can be an impediment to many people to know the truth. The Bible clearly states that the knowledge of justice would be increased gradually up to the zenith, and then, mistakes and corrections over time things are completely normal and understandable. NOTE: The shape of a mold can result in the growth of a specific organ if put into a test tube stem cell? It would seem that the DNA of the stem cell to allow this, however, the formula of eternal life man does not ever realize, not being within his reach, however, thanks to Jehovah God, eternal life, with the chromosomes that do not shorten and the body which is supported against any kind of wear and tear, will be possible. NOTE: A political leader of the opposition, in part, to stop the neo-colonialism of the Anglo-American power would not be afraid to ask for a moment to answer war without notice and hitting on a targeted power of the coming New World Order, to enter Jews fear the international bankers, since it is true that Russia fears a nuclear war, but also the power of the Anglo-American fears of a nuclear conflict or other weapons of mass destruction, yes, everyone fear and wish to avoid a nuclear war. If the Rothschilds were razed many ordinary people would have been happy and the greatest systems of the West, most likely, if not the feel of war trigger other initiatives that could lead to a nuclear conflict of major proportions. Russia, though partly dependent on this bank, could destroy a missile with this fulcrum of Jewish international bankers to Hitler? NOTA: What could be the greatest fault of Vladimir Puntin? To be too good! The Russian leader, like a mafia boss super angry Yakuza, and the sudden burst during the night, could have an intercontinental missile launch on Rothschild of Frankfurt, and after a few days to pass through the media a lot of propaganda truthful about many atrocities the chief supporters of the New World Order, and as well, highlighting the plans of Hitler by the international bankers and the Illuminati Jews. The fascism of the 40s was violent and stupid, however, today's "neo- colonialism or imperialism" of the Anglo-American power, although apparently more clever, will lead to the serious global consequences, far worse than we have been in the 40s. Yeah, after the false cry of peace and security delivered by the United Nations slaves of the international bankers, the entire political and economic system in the world will collapse just like the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 with 10 tons of nano- thermite that the CIA and/or U.S. military has placed on the supporting structures for the excellent pretext to go to war. Against these war criminals hiding behind the false democracy, you should not be afraid to make a swift and targeted action of war. Probably, like Putin knows, the enlightened and political leaders of the West, they will not answer, because who would ever want to start a nuclear war?

9)-There are things that generally you should be able to understand reasoning, using a little common sense and not believing only in what makes us more comfortable, since there are so many things that we can not test ourselves on a scientific level, and yet, some still doubt the existence of chemtrails and the fact that the Twin Towers were demolished with the nano thermite. Yes, there are many smart people, but of the seals and stupid especially at the level of personality that can often help even if the person's intelligence is not as lively. NOTE: While not having accurate knowledge and understanding of some very important truth, a truth that match some think they know at a given event, but if it is established after them otherwise thanks to a meticulous investigation or a fraudulent and misleading news, the same person might stop believing the whole truth, that is, not only to not report the truth with the incident. An example: A person believes in the existence of Satan in a superficial way but being too safe and September 11, 2001 combines this side of the photo to the figure of Satan. But, if later, the same individual was shown that through a careful investigation by a windowed wall with the source of the smoke positioned in a certain area in the interior of the building is completely normal that can form the semblance of a face with a scythe, the same person with the mental confusion, could take the lead in that, as the figures in the clouds are interpreted by the human mind, as well, the very existence of Satan might be only one interpretation in the human mind, for example, to try to explain so much wickedness by the people, and then, as the figure of Satan only a suggestion and interpretation of the human mind. The person referred to above, may stop to always believe in the existence of Satan. NOTE: As with the Mafia today, the caste of the Parliamentary Assembly and the Jewish international bankers, the power must begin to take root before entering the culture and then consolidating them trade and customs so as to affect the various institutions of the state and society administered by it. In the case of international Jewish bankers, since they began to consolidate their power for more than 200 years ago, today, if a prime minister wanted to make an honest policy would be reflected immediately to smell of fish and to be hated by the population, having Jewish bankers and politicians belonging to the supervision of the league media. NOTE: The two Italian soldiers were working in international waters to combat piracy, and even though they were innocent Astati India accused of murder. Perhaps the real reason for this long captivity of the two Italians die could be traced back to the fact that Italy has sold military aircraft of poor quality technological facendoseli pay too dear. But Italy could not close the question by returning part of the money? Or, India could make a deal done more things with Putin to release the two will die if Italy free from his dictatorship the Free Territory of Trieste. Today, no, for several decades, even the weapons appear to be a thriving trade at the international level, and, and gladly spent, the USA-UK after selling weapons to some of its customers become uncomfortable, they may decide to go to war in these former buyers with the excuse of having weapons in violation of the Geneva agreed. Or, even worse, Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, but that they could be of American origin, but, after Saddam's fall to restore again as the sovereign petroldollaro, it turns out that Saddam did not hold any weapons of mass destruction, weapons that the U.S. hold in great quantity. In the first Gulf War the U.S. used weapons do not agree with the settlement of Geneva, but they are lom sheriff of the world and work for international security affairs, and therefore, the US-UK may violate the Geneva Agreed doing well and by judges to G7. NOTE: Michael Jackson although it was a very good person in heart, although it was a bit unhinged from the spiritual point of view, since he was also a Jehovah's Witness, having criticized the corruption on the part of the Illuminati, for two vole from behind the scenes they tried to frame him for pedophilia, but also due to the fact that the police had placed hidden cameras in the home of Michael Jackson, was cleared for all twice. Michael Jackson also had a bank of sounds that changed the music world, but having a disease that made ​​him sick, and that made ​​him lose pigmentation, Michael Jackson was addicted by doctors and between some of these also happens to be looking for psychiatrists. One or more of these doctors have been bought by the Illuminati in 2006, and, working from behind the scenes, the Illuminati have been able to kill him. For a head of state or an ordinary person who had become successful convenir can not ever become "friends" and shake hands with people like Bill Klinton and Barak Obama. This last example, it is true that he made a favorable policy towards the poorest people and also having received much opposition, however, presidents and other fixtures are ruthless businessmen today can give you a hand tomorrow and posing come with the bomb in your country for hunting interests. NOTE: In some areas, although the holes in the upper echelons of politics and interests, America can kill you if you become uncomfortable for the trivial not be prosecuted by the legal point of view if you dont have any say in them and if the action can be easily covered up. You can send in psychiatry or accuse you of terrorism, however, this use is also customary in European countries. Obviously, even in the U.S. as in haughty nations, you know so many brave and good people. NOTE: Corruption exists almost all over the world, however, would be a boon to the entire Russian people, for the same Putin and his friends: a Russia with less corruption than in many other countries, with a people more happy, more satisfied, more free and democratic state, risultar may be more difficult to destabilize and/or crumble, without prejudice, a group of secret agents sent to create disorder and/or a military plane that leaves a chemical trail, however, should be immediately stopped or cut down, when discovered in fragrant or just entering the country. Perhaps, in this situation Russia only partially under control, he could be "a thorn in the flesh" for the U.S.-UK neo-colonialism until the end. NOTE: Berlusconi failed to support George W. Bush wanted to attack Iraq with the excuse of weapons of mass destruction, also, even Berlusconi, despite having done a good apparent opposition to the Mafia, it was not being from a policy corrupt, however, here I have given emphasis only to his alleged friendship with the Libyan leader, although he had a different culture, and also to the fact that Berlusconi has opposed the bombing of Libya, and to oppose the war is almost always a right thing from the human point of view. Silvio, despite not having been heard, it has proved a consistent and non-face against Gaddafi. NOTE: (When Italy was already in the European Union, it is true that Berlusconi hoped for strong and united European states and that Berlusconi had also rooting for Prodi as the elected leader of the European Union, and, despite being a Roman party opposition, but, being an Italian politician), however, i remember that before Silvio was contrary to join the Euro and now Berlusconi has fallen mainly to have turned against the European Union and the plans for the New World Order and, although apparently, the Euro may have disadvantaged the dollar. His Berlusconi corruption like many other politicians, hardly was the cause of his downfall as a politician who perhaps can still recover, but at least he has built something, while, most of the politicians destroy and enrich behind of the people. NOTE: The America freed us from Hitler? The U.S. foreign policy in the 40's was different from that of today, also, America felt compelled to go to war, not to the supplications of the British prime minister, but because it was attacked by Japan and Germany simultaneously. Yes, America has liberated us from Hitler to fall under its neo colonialism in favor of a false peace process of capitalist mold devastating for the environment and for the inconvenient. NOTE: The reality of the bitcoin on the internet can be a good initiative to no longer depend wholly or partly by the banks, however, have to wait to be able to use that there are more adherents even among the traders. However, there is a solution that can save the world, ditto, for charities, for the defense of the environment, etc, etc. Many people realized that it no longer wants to be a slave to a system so corrupt, in part, as to be no longer even a system. Yes, if as a temporary solution, ie, groped to live a little better as citizens of this planet that belongs to us all, and not only to politicians and business groups that want to monopolize it, then, when eventually be acquired enough as an alternative to the banks, it might be an option ok. NOTE: In Italy we are witnessing a gradual increase in the control of the people especially on financial transactions over a certain amount, at the same time, this has always been more work and takes too much to private banks. The gang of three powers that govern us have the presumption to bring security and peace in the world, at the same time, the greatest systems think they can make the whole globe as a company tailored to their bargains, as it were, that their run the world must have exorbitant profits, the population too has to be decimated and those who remain must work together to robots to give wealth and comfort to the enlightened and the cream of society which has, moreover, the drastic reduction of the population would have provided resources for much more time to the company that matters, which one day could well move to other planets. You know what, the majority are misled own enlightened international bankers and the Jews who now think they are omnipotent and that the God of the Bible no longer exists. NOTE: The Anglo-American neo-colonialism in all its gang business and exercising, want to conquer the whole world's command of financial and resource and possibly also of labor, however, is the villain who opposes the neo USA-UK colonialism bearer of "Peace and Security" in the world, and, as Casini said, "Democracy is always right on the dictatorship"! You ordinary citizen, you have a moral duty to be idiotic and stupid policy but if you speak in a correct and deep on the maximum systems that govern us, you're crazy and to be hospitalized in psychiatry, but if you disappear you have suffered an accident because of your own imprudence. Yes, there are those who always right and who is wrong or who always has to keep quiet possibly thinking and acting only in the context of his work, but not over, being the greatest things about him. NOTE: The TV programs on topics such as religious and scientific mystery, if supervised by a philosophical way of thinking, that is, as the one who always wants to be in search of truth, but not accepting the absolute truth even if it is well placed due to overwhelming evidence, might wish to ensure you always have new topics south the same theme, and this turns out to be beneficial also to the same enlightened who prefer to keep people divided and not a deep knowledge of the fundamental truths and important. However, if for example, the actors of the program called Mystery wish to express the subject of UFOs according to a deeper and more well-established truth, for sure, they would always another good material to study and to remember to be transmitted in subsequent episodes. The more knowledge and greater understanding on the topic of UFOs, it could also be related to other topics always of a religious and scientific today as there a number of scientists who support intelligent and coherent way in the existence of God and his creative products. NOTE: Today's corrupt politicians Italians, in particular speaking of mayors, presidents of the region and of the ministers and prime minister at the central government level, but also with regard to the leaders and party secretaries, they feel more and more close to both the many controls suffered in recent times by the financial police and the Court of Auditors for the so-called Stability Pact launched by Mario Monti and the production of currency is not more excessive by the European Bank. NOTE: The inflation also occurred in the days of ancient Rome, and before the birth of Jesus Christ, however, the inflation of our time has been facilitated by the very corrupt banking systems that have produced more money than necessary. Today, there is also the problem that most of the money circulating and virtual. These ways of doing things by the banks favor the enrichment of bankers and politicians may also speculate by creating more debt. However, perhaps thanks to Mario Draghi, it would seem that the European bank in Frankfurt face print the money, and then, between the Stability Pact launched by Mario Monti and products for less money with which to speculate, corrupt Italian politicians begin to feel increasingly cornered, in addition to having suffered many controls by the financial police. NOTE: Even in poor or seemingly daily high of rich, middle and poor, almost all of them are too worried and busy for work, competition, the crisis also created to take better employed individuals and with the concern on the part of too many people make money, they do not hear anything and do not realize the changing scene of this world and, although apparently stable, and for all that you are preparing the greatest systems in the world. Yes, we live in a world system as made ​​of iron and clay, to how fragile a compound. NOTE: Vladimir Putin's Russia is opposed to the end or is also operated for a wrong move by the international bankers or is in cahoots with the so-called enlightened to push the peoples and governments want the New World Order? One thing is certain: with all these chemtrails by both military purposes and to reduce the population, the desired hunger in the world to reduce the population of poor people and seize their resources through the neo colonialism; the trade of all kinds of weapons, etc, etc, according to the plan of the international bankers Jews, the Pentagon and powerful governments, all being in cahoots, is preparing the last war, described in the prophecies of Daniel, in the role of the last king of the north and the last king of the south. After this war without the disappearance of the United Nations as World War II, but with the threat of annihilation of the entire human race through the weapons of mass destruction, and just as planned and desired by the greatest systems that govern us in semblance of democracy, (which by the time you feel as if you were omnipotent and as if the Creator of all things was now "dead" and/or did not exist), it will be the "whole" paved the way toward the false cry of peace and security with the immediate establishment of the New World Order. Those who govern the world seems they can do what they want from one day to another commanding the governments, but in reality this is probably very well established plan under the direction of Satan the Devil and the demons that may impersonate enlightened as to alleged aliens from other worlds in the flesh provided high technologies including that of the teleport and the ability to be present in view of the hologram without the need to be present with the physical body. If so, bear in mind that for about 4300 years Satan and demons can no longer materialize avendogli Jehovah removed this possibility. In the penultimate role in the war as the king of the north and king of the south, there were communist Russia and the U.S. during the Cold War, with many so-called wars of straw in the middle east. But, in this last war described in the Bible in the prophecies of Daniel, having always treated with antagonistic nations, there will be two large coalitions of states in which antagonists will also be including the U.S. and Russia? Or perhaps, in this last war will be scheduled at a mutually agreed secret? Immediately after or a little later you will hear the fateful cry of peace and security. NOTE: The democracy by the European Union and Italy is a capitalist dictatorship disguised bank in a democracy, however, the Directive in Italy, there is only the Anglo-American neo-colonialism and the European Union, but also from Rome. NOTE: They were out of the way journalists and other uncomfortable both in the West and in Russia, but, what is the situation in Russia today, absolutely, I do not know. NOTE: "Often" I feel strange without knowing how to explain how I feel, and probably, this malaise is not only strange disturbances caused by heart murmur that I have always, and not so much as to eat or at least for what i'm talking about above, nor for any disease of the nerves that probably have never had, nor for that i do not take drugs. The malaise and oddities of which I speak, they could be due to what the military make us put in tanks for skiing chemtrails? Also, I'm not the only one who feels this kind of malaise. What a great deal, having come into existence in order to live in this world so evil where you state is so hostile to you to pay the fees for the expenses that claims to lower your chances of survival, and in addition, making of hidden far as he can. NOTE: Even if Russia can still be a degree of poverty, a situation also common in other rich countries of the West, including the U.S., however, Putin has made some steps to induce the rich businessmen of his friends to pay their taxes. In the U.S., although there are so many poor people there is also a part of the population living well from an economic standpoint, but the fundamental problem for America is that the war is a deal that does not look at people who suffer and dying of other peoples. Yes, in the face of Pier Ferdinando Casini, with its mass psychology in the name of good business that he said: "Democracy is always right on the dictatorship"! NOTE: I do not think that you can travel back in time and having, however, as a source wants us to believe, in 2015 Puttin throw an atomic bomb on the Crimean war, triggering a very important (although not the world)? As there is no time travel in reverse, however, the Illuminati want to push Putin to act in this way? Or, Putin himself is in league with the lighting to promote the fake peace process and security and the establishment of the New World Order? The Illuminati, and possibly even Putin, who wish to follow a procedure of international politics in order to induce people to desire a one world government? Today, the enlightened feel "almost" omnipotent, however, we must consider that they are guided and advised by Satan and demons, moreover, it is precisely these rebellious angels that might pass themselves off as aliens as if they were flesh and blood without be present and as if coming from other planets. Quiet spiritual entities favor and/or give a small and big boost to the fulfillment of various events and situations often chain, with its implications and final outcomes both nationally and internationally, see September 11, 2001 with the fight against terrorism, etc, etc. Yes, the pretext for the excellent event and wars from the dual purposes, as designed, you want and hope by the Illuminati since the beginning of the planning and enactment, being the greatest systems supervised by Satan to the extent and the limits allowed by God for the solution universal contention. Of course, after the cry of peace and security there will be contexts in the world in which Satan can no longer supervise possibly being prevented by the same faithful angels who serve God, however, even after the cry of peace and security, Satan will continue to push nations in the situation and the armies of Armageddon will be active and present to the end, Revelation 19: 19-21, however, Satan the Devil can not be guaranteed to be illuminated by the full control of the situation in the world, in fact, immediately after the elimination of all false religions, the people will start to show more and more rebellious, hostile and not obedient to the maximum systems. Perhaps, at first, after the beginning of the great tribulation, the enlightened despite having repented of having made a certain maneuver being particularly cynical, they might even think, hope and watch for as well laugh about it in the great tribulation that the then current most of the population worldwide will stand literally destroying with his own hands, however, on the eve of the Apocalypse, (ie, the direct judgment of God to destroy this wicked system of things), they were enlightened, weak in their power and money with zero extrinsic value, they will realize that he must die, and the existence of God just commissioned after the last attack in the attempt to delete the last people uncomfortable and seemingly helpless poured out upon all the inhabited earth. Of course, as many people will die during the great tribulation, even some of the enlightened could lose their lives, yes, even before they fulfill the final judgment by God upon this wicked system of things. The awareness and conversion by maximum systems would have to be now, not after the false cry of peace and security to be issued officially by the United Nations. Today, even many common people and various organizations, they still hope to be able to convert the world, a complete illusion patently impossible.

10)-Proponents of the new world order and all those who need to do their jobs knowing only what appropriate to their role, work for the shedding of chemtrails also suitably mixed in an attempt to be able to control or change the behavior of people's brains so that the Most people act according to the wishes of the outgoing NOM In this diabolical conspiracy now widespread in all countries of the Atlantic alliance to Hitler, there is the presumption of being able to oversee the chemical behavior of the people, so that: with the increased police state and exaggerated control in which the people should get used to, and with the countless human minds turned a bit'at a time like robots; ie, in the accustomed to act in accordance with established patterns, perhaps with the help of the polymers made in skiing chemtrails. The outgoing New World Order aims to ensure the safety and the subjugation of the people at the highest systems so that the richest families in the world have ensured greater wealth and power with a monopoly of the market for the continuation in perpetuity of good business especially for them, but with the entire world population, reduced to the right number from their point of view, that adapts and get used to being a slave. A project for the bank and for multinational capitalism seemingly foolproof due to the fact that the proponents of USA-UK neo-colonialism behaved like Hitler for decades but having always had apparent success, and then, today, the enlightened feel omnipotent. In other words: it is not the Jesus Christ of the Gospels that was supposed to liberate the Jews from the Romans to bring world peace, but world peace will be brought by the Jewish international bankers supported by the whole gang for their support, including sellers weapons, (not the only ones responsible for all the wars), the military generals and many governments with more text in international politics. I do not know if they can control the mind through chemtrails and can only make GM crops because they are resistant to certain substances in the chemtrails, however, from this evidence it is clear that the proponents of the new world order are evil and highly corrupt mind. And, finally, large groups of business and politics that run the world, they put into practice the inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla especially eager to promote capitalism and the military plans for world domination, but, good discoveries Tesla could give energy to the world as well, holding the cleanest, were largely set aside and/or put to "shut up." Yes, the current political and economic system in already passed the point of no return and you will probably in 2015 reached the point of no return for the land, that is to say, in reference to the surface of the planet, including the atmosphere and the water that allows us to live. When the U.S.-UK neo-colonialism have done to get rid of the uncomfortable and you will hear the cry of false peace and security, the greatest systems could also boast of having brought peace and well justified for all the wars they claim that this was the only way to achieve peace on a global level, however, then the earth will have been ruined too and the people will revolt more and more reasons for the New World Order, just entered into force soon after, the international bankers and the Jewish king the earth will experience regret over the last action that will be taken. As Ricci in the film with Steven Sigal, for sure, even the Jewish international bankers will realize that their power is ending and that a little later will have to die. In the end, the final move apparently easy to perform for the military generals, after a short period of bickering between God's people and nations, will lead to the divine judgment on the entire wicked system of things. Yes, even the Freemasons and the "all-powerful" big banks will be completely destroyed. From then on for a thousand years until the final exam, there will be no mass psychology. NOTE: Ettore Rosato of PD is colluding with the Ndrangheta especially with regard to the rigged contracts for cement wild often to the detriment of the area and the local trade, you see, the already too many shopping malls. NOTE: A speech-complete and 360 ° on international politics should have: the basics of foundation and backbone of absolute truths, even if the majority do not exist or are not recognized, analysis of the various psychologies of mass inspired by various events and situations, plans, strategies and destabilization from behind the scenes, excellent pretexts, wars and great bargains in getting rid of the uncomfortable and a little peace process and security acclaimed with the ultimate goal of making the whole earth and humanity as a company limited by actions or a strictly capitalist enterprise pursuing maximum profit as its most important goal. Nevertheless, a lot of television programs such as Mystery, in league with the Illuminati, when he speaks of the aliens pushes most people to believe that aliens are ruling the world, when in fact, it is precisely the enlightened and the gang business, the greatest enemy that wants to hide and disguise themselves as much as possible. One or two flying saucers driven by aliens from other planets may have landed on our planet, however, after visiting some solar systems it is possible that they have received advice from Jehovah not to come to this planet since man is not yet in harmony with the divine plan for the universe, and then, having entered the earth's atmosphere demons, creatures spiritatali rebels may have contributed to cause one, two or more incidents. If this hypothesis were correct, the U.S. military in cahoots with the Jewish international bankers, some heads of a multinational company and some powerful political leaders, giving rise to USA-UK neo-colonialism for the domino in the world, may well have stolen alien technology from the wreckage of the flying saucers. One thing properly kept hidden even by violence and murder, yes. being the secret weapon the most important thing, and so many war plans may arise directly into the Pentagon, not by the international bankers often Jewish financiers of the war but who refused to finance Hitler thereby triggering a greater pandemonium although on that occasion had did well not to finance the war, one thing they should have done more. In addition, generally the bankers can plot the conspiracy and murder in collusion with the army and in the presence of other interests to other parties, as often happens, if there are bank interest between, for example, the sovereignty of the coin state or to a corporation bank. Of course, there may be some "alien" land products by demons with the fertilization of the women and men who were kidnapped and then released, because Satan has a tendency to disguise his work behind the things and situations that exist in nature down. The speech always falls in the same line of reasoning: this group of business very widespread in many NATO countries, will be able to bring peace and security of the capitalist mold after removing half or tamed all uncomfortable? For sure, the alien technology that allows it to also affect the force of gravity and the climate can be of help, in addition, there are the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, but used only for military purposes and domination! Today, the lighting is designed to feel omnipotent having different dock September 11, 2001 by the outcome and implications final as expected and desired! And then, after the cry for peace and security with the enthronement of the New World Order, the Illuminati, military commanders and the whole gang with the presumption of bringing peace to the world, able to handle the situation in the world to make the whole globe as a joint stock company with 100% capitalist? A metaphor from the movie "programmed to kill." A color basketball coach asked Steven Sigal in 1990? How did it go? The super hunk replied: One thought of flying and the other was thought to be invincible! The coach of color requires him: How is it over? The super hunk replies, they were wrong! Between 15-20 years at most, the former coach of color will ask: how did it go with the enlightened who thought they were omnipotent, being able to act like Hitler since the end of World War II in 2034 until today, and having brought peace and security in the world? Former super stem the answer, after bringing a peace of mold capitalist thought to complete the transformation of the world and of humanity in a corporation that gets maximum profit from all the people obedient to them! The former coach of basket ball will take, but as it is over, now that several months have passed by the cry of peace and security? Former super drum: they were wrong! For a Hillari as Klinton and others still seeking the glory through the presidency of the United States would recommend to reflect on the omnipotence that the Illuminati think they have acquired permanently! NOTE: As some think, is not that the government work only to do evil, simply, instead of dealing only render a service to the people, politics and the government gives top priority to the good business that he should not be allowed even to be able to do, and then: works great as hospitals not fully executed because you pay before the deadline, did not feel compelled to make them the highest political end after he received the money, ditto for the enterprise. Some earthquakes (perhaps even that of the eagle, but I do not know), were self- induced, the government refuses aid, but later accepts funding spending only a small part of the reconstruction, so it is a profit and speculation by killing people not only reconstruction but not running it to keep the funding. Chemtrails left by many military aircraft and line, probably financed with taxpayers money, but, in order to sicken highest percentage in the population, prompting more people to buy medicines and especially in anticipation of the death of people older seen that the powders also contain aluminum and viruses is to decimate the population with diseases of the elderly for infections. (Yes, a hidden war not declared to all peoples, including Americans). We have absorbed many years of propaganda that communism is an enemy, but, the worst enemy of all time is the present-day capitalism all corrupt and conspired by the Anglo-American power, yes, some thing worse than Hitler years 40, taking into account that the world has known only the Nazis in time of war, when even the British and other states have committed atrocities and war crimes that could have been avoided. Obviously, I is not defending Hitler, on the contrary, however, today it is often used as a scapegoat in order to accomplish the present-day international politics that, more often, in the way of thinking and acting behaves like the Hitler of 40 years. NOTE: Generally, the policy specifically does not want to hurt the people, however, for individuals it does not count for anything, also, business and good banking interests always take priority over everything else, and then, if the good deal requires the death of so many people, you die, if the population is too much from the point of view of the chief capitalists, we must give us below with chemtrails and earthquakes since wars can go well only where there are still governments uncomfortable. Mode for most of the so-called just wars, if necessary, greatly increase the instability in the country with the government and economic system inconvenient; bombing missions and peace to bring democracy that, in fact, generally translates into slavery under the U.S.-UK neo - colonialism. Today, Russia should not be more than these maneuvers. NOTE: You can be arrested with the accusation of terrorism by the agents of their own nation, and not only by the secret agents of the CIA whose group also participating persons and mercenaries from other nations. NOTE: The almost infinite availability of money and resulting in great power, the more the influence of Satan, is a perfect tie for the enlightened and the people who suffer because of the corrupt administration of policies and in favor of the conspiracy, in addition, many servants state in some NATO countries can easily become violent killers and pretending to be always right and doing the right thing in favor of a noble purpose for which the common people or civilians can not understand: yes, the pseudo process of peace and security and the new World Order of capitalist mold and transfer. NOTE: The controls of the CIA even in the center of Nuclear Physics Miramare, shows to what degree the Anglo-American neo- colonialism has invaded Europe with the excuse of the apparent cooperation and alliance with the Atlantic pact. However, the USA itself are full of nuclear weapons and yet having a beam in the eye go to look at the speck in the eyes of other countries. But the United States could say: we are the world and we know the sheriff handle nuclear weapons in favor of international security! However, most of the wars of interest, are not perpetuated by the United States? Also, you can not say that the national territory of the United States is constantly threatened by the military point of view! Indeed, if the United States to renounce their false peace process, being militarily powerful, maybe, in 20 years they would not have undergone any military threat and attack by other countries, is not it? Obviously for the U.S. war and death are a bargain, but do not do evil is the supreme goal, however, doing so in large proportions. NOTE: The use of technologies for clean energy has increased, but is also greatly increased the use of hydrocarbons that promote the greenhouse effect, and thus, the relationship between the polluting energy and clean energy has remained almost unchanged compared to 20 years ago. Besides, let's be honest, those who govern us and at the highest international level systems, is not interested in reducing pollution, in fact, they want to make us ill increase more, buy more drugs and kill us more, since too many people on this planet from the point of view of the enlightened, the number one carriers of darkness, which are perhaps even more misled and deceived than the population would decimate. The enlightened hoping for Satan and demons, which probably peddle to them as aliens from other planets, will find themselves losing their power, their wealth and their lives, but, wealth, and maybe even eternal life! NOTE: Since after the war until today many people of the Kennedy family were killed or died in freak accidents, in addition, after the death of Kennedy John who had removed an evil group of the CIA, the group has been reinstated under another name. Yes, if the people had known in detail how the ruling political dealmaker behind the scenes would have to break out the revolution according to what was said by John Kennedy in the late 50s. NOTE: There were three Rambo films, and one of these well-gives the state of the military who may have great difficulty in finding a job and to be accepted in some communities. In the USA, the work of the sea and the green cap is like a normal job, but the thing itself is absolutely not good. NOTE: But, that Italy was the enemy and evil, makes us pay taxes for polluting the air in secret so that we get sick more to "force us" to buy more drugs and die before both before and elderly from being a class often little or no social production. The aluminum dust, viruses, etc, etc, mixed in chemtrails promotes Alzheimer's disease, other diseases of the brain, tumors and infections of the respiratory tract, etc, etc. In Italy you can being the country of permissiveness for frivolous or against citizens, but in complete dictatorship. NOTE: A state murderess zero to democracy, not only in Italy, a nation largely sidetracked now no longer even to vote in the wrong way, people who do not believe in some secret evil promoted by the government for interest and I along with many others are forced to feel even worse, unable to do anything. NOTE: The Anglo-American neo- colonialism and Italian politics being entered in a certain order of ideas and interests, even in continuing to spread chemtrails, are completely unrecoverable without the possibility of conversion, also, would have been completely useless even a full admission from the United States about the hidden truths of the Sept. 11, 2001. NOTE: Barak Obama has tried to make health care available to all citizens, even the poorest, however, this proposal seemed too uncomfortable from the lobby of doctors and insurance companies. The president wanted to reduce the sale of arms to all states in the United States, however, if he had passed the law probably would have done it out. However, for many proposals to change the law or of the law, apart from the decrees, most likely should first decide and vote for the Congress which can promote or reject the President's proposal. On the whole, America is a good country and the president himself to good reasons, however, there are powerful business groups that dominate and the president's hands are tied enough if its decisions affecting powerful interests. Generally, the profit for the powerful takes precedence over the right thing or the good for the community. NOTE: Some countries in Russia have been left out of the disadvantaged and others advantaged, but is disadvantageous to enter the European Union. The coalition of countries that call themselves democratic favors situations extermination and violation of human rights. The subversive instigated by the Americans in El Salvador and in other states, to invalidate the whole communism in Latin America, because, touted as the enemy, not allowed even to be able to vote in a democratic manner and citizens suffered violence and/or death. But, as rightly said Casini: democracy is always right on the dictatorship. In some respects, from behind the scenes, America was worse than the URS during the Cold War, although in 70-80 years, life could be better in the U.S. than in Russia. The banking and capitalism for the privileged few, will prove worse than Hitler in the 40s. Yeah, a pseudo peace process by the apparent noble purpose: peace, democracy, freedom and respect for human rights. NOTE: Probably Satan, the great leader, and the demons posing as aliens to the secret meetings of Freemasons and the Illuminati, they may have promised eternal life to all the enlightened if only avvincessero run to the bottom of the fake peace process and security and then make the whole globe as a single company strictly capitalist. Since after the flood of Noah's day occurred about 4300 years ago, the lives of people by 960 years has been reduced to 70-80 years on average, and probably, Jehovah God could also have affected the DNA of the three sons of Noah to bring down the length life of more than ten times as much as ten generations in the lives of the people had already shortened by around 120 years. It is very unlikely that God allows the demons to live longer servants of Satan, and this is also true for the enlightened. If it is true that Satan has promised eternal life to the enlightened, this is satanic propaganda and a strategy suggested by Satan to bring all the nations against God, ie, in the situation of Armageddon. At the end of the enlightened gradually lose all their power and in the execution of the Apocalypse that will result in the total destruction of what remains of the satanic system at the end of the great tribulation, even the enlightened and their collaborators will be destroyed. NOTE: For Washington, seen as a political and economic entity, were much more important than the interests of American entrepreneurs in other countries that the lives of many people who have lost their lives or health for the wars brought from America in the same countries. Many people live well and relatively free in the U.S., but since the US-UK a wild beast, ruthless foreign policy and with some of his own, but with two horns like a lamb, the lamb being in nature a tame beast.

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